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Season 6

Equinox, Part 2

Janeway goes on a personal vendetta to stop Captain Ransom from killing aliens for the Equinox’s advanced warp core’s power source. Seven of Nine and Voyager’s EMH are captured by the Equinox’s crew. Captain Ransom has problems with his conscience and decides to give himself up, but Max objects and takes command. Ransom beams five of Equinox’s crew members, Seven of Nine, and Voyager’s EMH to Voyager. the Equinox explodes killing Ransom.

Survival Instinct

Drones stalk Seven of Nine as she copes with memories prompted by a Borg relay.

Barge of the Dead

Torres confronts a dark side of her Klingon ancestry when she asks Janeway to allow doctors to induce a coma-like experience that will allow her to aid her condemned mother that is held aboard a mythical Klingon death barge.

Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy

The Doctor’s experiments with a program that allows him to experience daydreams place in a crisis with hostile aliens that eavesdrop on his fantasies.


Paris becomes obsessed with a shuttle with a sexy female persona, which convinces him to cannibalize Voyager’s parts.


Tuvok suffers severe trauma after an attack. Janeway searches for the attackers.

Dragon’s Teeth

Voyager is encountered with vengeful survivors of a devastated world plot to hijack the ship the order to retaliate against their ancient enemies.

One Small Step

The crew searched for a 300-year-old spacecraft from the first manned mission to Mars that is trapped in field. the Delta Flyer also becomes trapped. Seven of Nine must retrieve a component from the spacecraft before the Delta Flyer becomes trapped forever. She retrieves the component and downloads the spacecraft’s computer core. the Delta Flyer safely escapes.

The Voyager Conspiracy

Seven modifies her alcove so she can download massive amounts of data as she regenerates. Voyager then meets Tash, an engineer who is building a catapult to throw ships across space. Seven theorizes the reactor is part of the original array. Seven tells Chakotay and Janeway different stories, making Chakotay and Janeway specious of each other. Voyager uses the catapult and cuts three years off their journey.


On Earth, Lieutenant Barclay becomes obsessed with contacting Voyager. It leads him to become consumed with his holographic recreations of the Voyager crew. He seeks advice from Counselor Deanna Troi, who helps him with his obsession.

Fair Haven

Captain Janeway and her crew enjoy some hard-earned leisure time in the holographic setting of a charming Irish village where she can't help falling for a ruggedly handsome townsman - but their holiday is darkened by an approaching wave of deadly neutron radiation.

Blink of an Eye

Voyager becomes trapped above an energized planet that produces an extreme time difference with a fast-evolving society.


A superior alien race inexplicably worships the Doctor’s signing voice.


Crew members begin having horrific flashbacks of the wartime slaughter of Nakan colonists.


Seven of nine is forced to fight a warrior to save Tuvok's life.


The Delta Flyer is captured by a Borg Cube, which is ran by five Borg children.

Spirit Folk

Problems begin to arise when Voyager’s crew runs a holosuite program non-stop. Characters within the program re-creation of Fair Haven begin to notice starnage happenings, putting Voyager’s crew at risk.

Ashes to Ashes

A member of Voyager’s crew who was killed earlier while on an away mission with Kim returns to Voyager as another species.

Child’s Play

The oldest of the Borg children is reunited with his parents, who is behind a plan to wipe out the Borg.

Good Shepard

In trying to help three insecure crew-members fit in better, Janeway assigns them to an away mission with her.

Last Fast and Prosper

Three slippery con artists assume the identities of Janeway and her officers, perpetrating scams on unsuspecting victims throughout the galaxy, and jeopardizing Starfleet's reputation. When the activity is recognized, the Doctor takes action and with the help of a holographic disguise, infiltrates the criminals' lair.


After crashing on a L-class planet, Torres' stories of Voyager become a poet's inspiration for his theatrical work.


Kes returns to the ship to seek revenge on Janeway and the rest of Voyager's crew. Her plans include going into the past and to deliver Voyager to the Vidiians.

Life Line

The Doctor returns to the Alpha Quadrant, after receiving news that Dr. Zimmerman is dying. Dr. Zimmerman is reluctant that an EMH-1 has an idea to save him, using Borg technology The Doctor's program begins to fail. The Doctor and Dr. Zimmerman save each other. The Haunting of Deck 12

Neelix is in charge of keeping the Borg children busy while Voyager proceeds through a nebula, powered down. Neelix tells the children a true story of a lifeform that terrorized the crew.

Unimatrix Zero

An enclave of Borg drones devise a dreamscape that gives them a world unfettered by their technological, mass-mind utilitarian society. Individual Borg enter this matrix during their regeneration cycles. When Janeway learns of the development, she identifies it as a possible means to foster Borg insurrection, and works with Seven of Nine to plant a virus in the program. But Seven of Nine gets distracted - first by an attractive male Borg she encounters in the dreamscape, then by the discovery that she may be able to rescue her father.