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Season 5


Traveling through a large area of space completely devoid of stars and civilizations, the Voyager crew copes with the prospect of long-term isolation.


A freak technological occurrence merges some of Seven's nanoprobes with the Doctor's mobile holographic emitter, leading to the creation of an advanced Borg drone.

Extreme Risk

As the crew builds a more powerful shuttlecraft in a race to retrieve a probe before a Malon crew does, Torres finds herself distracted from duty as she confronts some deep-rooted personal feelings.

In the Flesh

The crew discovers an outpost manned by a group of Species 8472, who have taken human form as a training measure for a secret mission.

Once Upon a Time

When the Delta Flyer crashes and the Voyager crew begins a salvage operation, Neelix must prepare for the possibility that his goddaughter's mother has been killed.


In the future, Harry Kim attempts to correct a mistake he made 15 years earlier, which had resulted in the loss of Voyager during use of experimental engine technology.

Infinite Regress

A transmission emanating from surviving technology from a destroyed Borg vessel induces multiple personality disorder in Seven of Nine.

Nothing Human

A moral dilemma arises when the Doctor is forced to consult the specialized medical database of a Cardassian war criminal in order to save Torres' life.

Thirty Days

Paris is demoted to ensign and thrown into the brig for disobeying direct orders and taking matters into his own hands.


When trying to transport illegal refugees through the territory of a xenophobic civilization, Janeway must put her trust in a defector who offers his help.

Bride of Chaotica!

Paris's "Captain Proton" holographic novel is mistaken by aliens to be a real threat, so they take Voyager's controls off-line, forcing Janeway to assume the holonovel character of Aracnia, Queen of the Spider People.


A shuttle carrying Tuvok, Paris and the Doctor disappears into a collapsing sinkhole and crash lands on a deserted wasteland. While the U.S.S. Voyager tries to rescue them from this risky area of space, the away team befriends Noss, an exotic alien woman who's also trapped on the planet. Soon, she falls in love with Tuvok and although it's illogical for a Vulcan, he finds himself attracted to her too.


Finally, after five long years, an exhilarated crew of the U.S.S. Voyager finds a wormhole that will bring them back to the Alpha Quadrant. As the happy crew prepares to return to Earth, a skeptical Seven of Nine violates captain's orders and enlists the Doctor, little Naomi Wildman and an alien pilot, Qatai, to help her stop the ship from entering the wormhole.

Dark Frontier, Parts I and II

The Borg reassimilates Seven of Nine causing Capt. Janeway to struggle with the Borg Queen for control. After defeating a Borg vessel, Janeway launches an ambitious plan to steal a piece of Borg technology that could get the U.S.S. Voyager home. When the Borg detect her plan, they swiftly access Seven of Nine's neural transceiver and make her an "offer" she can't refuse--rejoin the Borg collective or the U.S.S. Voyager and it's crew will be assimilated. Janeway must confront the Borg in their own vessel in order to rescue Seven, risking a possibly devastating confrontation with the Borg Queen.

Course: Oblivion

Lieutenants Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres tie the knot but their holographic honeymoon is cut short by a phenomenon that breaks down the U.S.S. Voyager's infrastructure and disintegrates not only the ship but the crew.

The Disease

Without Starfleet medical clearance and in violation of interspecies protocol, Ensign Harry Kim has a passionate love affair with an exotic alien explorer, Derran Tal of the Varro species. But the escapade puts both the Voyager crew and the Varro species in jeopardy when Kim and Tal become biochemically interdependent.

The Fight

While the ship is caught in Chaotic Space, a zone where the laws of physics are in a state of flux, Commander Chakotay believes he's a 24th century boxer, the Maquis Mauler. Before long, he's going head to head with the Delta Quadrant's champion, Kid Chaos.

Think Tank

In the midst of a clash with the Hazari bounty hunters, Janeway is offered assistance from a "think tank", a small yet exotic alien ship containing disparate life forms, each able to communicate telepathically. Their spokesperson, Kurros, offers to help solve the dilemma with the Hazari, only in exchange for Seven of Nine as payment. When Seven declines their "offer", the think tank focuses on taking her by force.


the U.S.S. Voyager rescues two crewmen from an abandoned, out-of-control Malon freighter that's about to unleash a theta radiation blast into the sector. Soon, Lieutenant Torres leads an away team to board the freighter and contain the poison--despite warnings from its crewman, Fesek and Pelk, about the Angel of Decay that wreaks havoc aboard the cargo ship.

Someone To Watch Over Me

To broaden her knowledge of human behavior, Seven of Nine gets lessons from the Doctor on socializing and dating rituals. When they enter a holodeck simulation in Sandrine's nightclub, Seven not only learns the art of small talk, but how to slow dance and sing a song. Eventually, she makes a date with Lieutenant Lansing, but it's the Doctor who falls in love with Seven. Meanwhile, during a tour to help facilitate a trade agreement with the monastic Kadi colony, Neelix unwittingly provides their ambassador, Tomin, with forbidden food and drink.


Janeway recounts the tale of her ancestor, responsible for the construction of the Millennium Gate.


In an episode that revisits Janeway's first day aboard the U.S.S. Voyager and then fast forwards 500 years beyond it when her ship is destroyed, Captain Braxton of the 29th century Federation Timeship Relativity contacts Seven of Nine to go back in time to solve the mystery of who planted the "temporal disrupter" which ultimately destroyed the U.S.S. Voyager. But when the new starship captain, Janeway, catches the mysterious Seven aboard the brand new U.S.S. Voyager, she detains her, an interference that could contaminate the time-line.


After the U.S.S. Voyager receives a distress signal from an alien missile, Ensign Kim, Torres and the Doctor determine that it's a complex, damaged weapon with artificial intelligence and sentient consciousness. But when they beam this mysterious device aboard, it interlinks with the Doctor's program and through him, insists the U.S.S. Voyager enable it to fulfill its mission of mass destruction.

Equinox, Part 1

Janeway meets the captain of a science vessel, Equinox, also stranded in Delta Quadrant; Voyager crew members start to disappear.