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Season 2

The 37's

When the crew discovers the descendants of a colony of humans abducted to the Delta Quadrant from the year 1937, they must decide whether to continue their journey to the Alpha Quadrant or assimilate into this thriving society of Delta Quadrant humanity.


Kar, a young Kazon on a "coming of age" mission, attacks Chakotay's shuttlecraft but fails. When the Kazon's commander learns of the failure and captures Chakotay and Kar, the punishment is a death sentence--for both of them.


The Doctor finds himself in a perplexing alternate reality where he is a living, breathing, real person, and the Voyager is a computer simulation.


When a group of natural, space-dwelling creatures attacks the ship, Kes falls into a premature state of the elogium, her one-time period of fertilization and the chance to conceive a child.

Non Sequitur

Harry Kim wakes up one morning to find himself on Earth, and must now search for clues on why reality has been changed.


A spatial anomaly surrounds the ship, and slowly begins crushing and twisting it into a maze the crew must navigate.


In the midst of surveying an M-class planet, Paris and Neelix's shuttle crashes on the surface, where they find a new lifeform in its infancy.

Persistence of Vision

When the crew attempts to negotiate passage through occupied space, an alien influence attempts to seize control of the ship with its mind control ability.


Commander Chakotay finds a symbol from his past on a Delta Quadrant planet--which may hold a valuable secret since he first saw it 70,000 light years away. Cold Fire

Tanis, the leader of a colony of space-dwelling Ocampa, offers Kes the opportunity to develop her mental abilities. He also offers the crew to meet his "Caretaker," Suspiria.


With the help of the traitorous Seska, the Kazon attack Voyager and steal its transporter technology. But the Voyager crew may be headed straight for a trap if they attempt to retrieve it.


Caught while negotiating a trade for a desperately needed substance on a hostile planet, the away team is incarcerated by the government's officials. Now Janeway must work with a local resident to free her imprisoned officers.


After Lt. Torres repairs a robot unit from a sentient artificial race, it kidnaps her and forces her to build a prototype model that can be mass-produced by other robots.


A recent series of attacks by various Kazon sects prompts Janeway to begin investigating the possibility of forming an alliance.


After months of simulations, Paris, Torres, and Kim think they may have found a way of breaking the warp 10 barrier to achieve "infinite" speed. But after Paris flies the test flight that breaks the threshold, he begins to undergo a grotesque metamorphosis.


A killer who strikes without reason or remorse prompts an obsessive investigation by Tuvok, who wants to know why a murderer would strike with such arbitrary motives.


A doomsday weapon that vanished shortly after Torres reprogrammed it to attack the Cardassians comes back to haunt her when the Voyager discovers it still searching for a target in the Delta Quadrant. Now she must race against the clock to stop it before it reaches a peaceful planet where it could kill millions.

Death Wish

When the crew comes across an imprisoned Q who wants to end his life, Janeway holds a hearing to determine whether he can be granted asylum from the Q Continuum, who fears the possibilities of his death.


A dying Vidiian medic is beamed aboard the ship, and the Doctor saves her by transferring her consciousness into a holographic body. Now the two must work together to save her life, and soon find themselves sharing an intimate bond. Investigations

Neelix, looking for groundbreaking material for his new daily talk show program, begins searching for a suspected spy on board Voyager.


A plasma cloud somehow duplicates the Voyager. Now there are two ships and two crews--and the two must find a way to merge into one or both will be destroyed.


On the surface of a Drayan moon, Tuvok discovers three stranded children who fear their lives are in certain jeopardy from a mysterious force of death.

The Thaw

On a desolate planet, the Voyager crew finds three aliens in a computer-controlled biological stasis, from which they cannot be revived. In order to uncover the reasons why the aliens are trapped in constant sleep, Janeway sends Lt. Torres and Ensign Kim into the system. But they become trapped by the same force which holds the aliens hostage--fear itself.


A transporter accident merges Tuvok and Neelix into a single person, but to restore the two crew members to their true selves, Janeway must sentence a new individual to death.


While scouting an M-class planet, Janeway and Chakotay are infected by a virus which the Doctor cannot cure--and only by staying on the planet will they be protected by its deadly effects. In order to protect her crew from exposure, Janeway orders that Voyager leave them behind, and continue its journey to the Alpha Quadrant without them.

Basics, Part I

When Seska contacts Chakotay with an urgent plea for him to rescue her newborn son from Culluh's clutches, Voyager sets out on a dangerous mission through Kazon space.