Title Original Air Date Stardate Writer Director
Season 1
Encounter at Farpoint, Part I 9/28/87 41153.7 D. C. Fontana and Gene Roddenberry Corey Allen
Encounter at Farpoint, Part II 9/28/87 41153.7 D. C. Fontana and Gene Roddenberry Corey Allen
The Naked Now 10/5/87 41209.2 John D. F. Black and J. Michael Bingham Paul Lynch
Code of Honor 10/12/87 41235.25 Katharyn Powers and Michael Baron Paul Lynch
The Last Outpost 10/19/87 41386.4 Richard Krzemien Richard Colla
Where No One Has Gone Before 10/26/87 41263.1 Diane Duane and Michael Reaves Robert Bowman
Lonely Among Us 11/2/87 41249.3 Michael Halperin Cliff Bole
Justice 11/9/87 41255.6 Ralph Wills and Worley Thorne James L. Conway
The Battle 11/16/87 41723.9 Larry Forrester Robert Bowman
Hide and Q 11/23/87 41590.5 C. J. Holland Cliff Bole
Haven 11/30/87 41294.5 Tracy Tormé and Lan Okun Richard Compton
The Big Good-Bye 1/11/88 41997.7 Tracy Tormé Joesph L. Scanlan
Datalore 1/18/88 41242.4 Robert Lewin and Maurice Hurley Robert Bowman
Angel One 1/25/88 41636.9 Patrick Barry Michael Rhodes
11001001 2/1/88 41365.9 Maurice Hurlye and Robert Lewin Paul Lynch
Too Short a Season 2/8/88 41309.5 Michael Michaelian Robert Bowman
When the Bough Breaks 2/15/88 41509.1 Hannah Louise Shearer Kim Manners
Home Soil 2/22/88 41463.9 Karl Guers, Palph Sanchex, and Robert Saberoff Corey Allen
Coming of Age 3/14/88 41461.2 Sandy Fries Mike Vejar
Heart of Glory 3/21/88 41503.7 Maurice Hurley, Herbert Wright, and D. C. Fontana Robert Bowman
The Arsenal of Freedom 4/11/88 41798.2 Maurice Hurley and Robert Lewin Les Landau
Symbiosis 4/18/88 Unknown Robert Lewin Win Phelps
Skin of Evil 4/25/88 41601.3 Joesph Stefano Joesph L. Scanlan
We'll Always Have Paris 5/2/88 41697.9 Deborah Dean Davis and Hannah Louise Shearer Robert Becker
Conspiracy 5/9/88 41775.5 Robert Saberoff Cliff Bole
The Neutral Zone 5/16/88 41986.0 Deborah McIntyre and Mona Glee James Conway
Season 2
The Child 11/21/88 42073.1 Jaron Summers, Jon Povill, and Maurice Hurley Robert Bwman
Where Silence Has Lease 11/28/88 41293.6 Jack B. Sowards Winrich Kolbe
Elementary, Dear Data 12/5/88 42286.3 Brian Alan Lane Robert Bowman
The Outrageous Okona 12/12/88 42402.7 Les Menchen, Lance Dickson, and David Landsburg Robert Becker
Loud As a Whisper 1/9/89 42477.2 Jacqueline Zambrano Larry Shaw
The Schizoid Man 1/23/89 42437.5 Richard Manning and Hame Beimer Les Landau
Unnatural Selection 1/30/89 42494.8 John Mason and Mike Gray Paul Lynch
A Matter of Honor 2/6/89 42506.5 Wanda M. Haight, George Amos, and Burton Armus Robert Bowman
The Measure of a Man 2/13/89 42523.7 Melinda M. Snodgrass Robert Scheerer
The Dauphin 2/20/89 42568.8 Scott Ruberstein and Leonard Mlodinow Robert Bowman
Contagion 3/20/89 42609.1 Steve Gerber and Beth Woods Joesph L. Scanlan
The Royale 3/27/89 42625.4 Keith Mills Cliff Bole
Time Squared 4/3/89 42679.2 Kurt Michael Bensmiller Joseph L. Scanlan
The Icarus Factor 4/24/89 42686.4 David Assael Robert Iscove
Pen Pals 5/1/89 42695.3 Hanah Lousie Shearer Winrich Kolbe
Q Who? 5/8/89 42761.3 Maurice Hurley Robert Bowman
Samaritan Snare 5/15/89 42779.1 Robert L. McCollough Les Landau
Up the Long Ladder 5/22/89 42823.2 Melinda M. Snodgrass Winrich Kolbe
Manhunt 6/19/89 42859.2 Terry Devereaux Robert Bowman
The Emissary 6/29/89 42901.3 Thomas H. Calder Cliff Bole
Peak Performance 7/10/89 42923.4 David Kemper Robert Scheerer
Shades of Gray 7/17/89 42976.1 Maurice Hurley Robert Bowman
Season 3
Evolution 9/25/89 43125.8 Michael Piller and Michael Wagner Winrich Kolbe
The Ensigns of Command 10/2/89 43133.3 Melinda M. Snodgrass Cliff Bole
The Survivors 10/9/89 43152.4 Michael Wagner Les Landau
Who Watches the Watchers? 10/16/89 43173.5 Richard Manning and Hans Beimler Robert Weimer
The Bonding 10/23/89 43198.7 Ronald D. Moore Winrich Kolbe
Booby Trap 10/30/89 43205.6 Michael Wagner and Ron Roman Gabrielle Beaumont
The Enemy 11/6/89 43349.2 David Kemper and Michael Piller David Carson
The Price 11/13/89 43385.6 Hannah Louise Shearer Robert Scheerer
The Vengeance Factor 11/20/89 43421.9 Sam Rolfe Timothy Bond
The Defector 1/1/90 43462.5 Ronald D. Moore Robert Scheerer
The Hunted 1/8/90 43489.2 Robin Bernheim Cliff Bole
The High Ground 1/29/90 43510.7 Melinda M. Snodgrass Gabrielle Beaumont
Deja Q 2/5/90 43539.1 Richard Danus Les Landau
A Matter of Perspective 2/12/90 43610.4 Ed Zuckerman Cliff Bole
Yesterday's Enterprise 2/19/90 43625.2 Trent Christopher Ganino and Eric A. Stillwell David Carson
The Offspring 3/12/90 43657.0 René Echevarria Jonathan Frakes
Sins of the Father 3/19/90 43685.2 Drew Deighan Les Landau
Allegiance 3/26/90 43714.1 Richard Manning and Hans Beimler Winrich Kolbe
Captain's Holiday 4/2/90 43745.2 Ira Steven Behr Chip Chalmers
Tin Man 4/23/90 43779.3 Dennis Putman Bailey and David Bischoff Robert Scheerer
Hollow Pursuits 4/30/90 43807.4 Sally Caves Cliff Bole
The Most Toys 5/7/90 43872.2 Shari Goodhartz Tim Bond
Sarek 5/14/90 43917.4 Marc Cushman and Jake Jacobs Les Landau
Menage ŕ Troi 5/28/90 43930.7 Fred Bronson and Susan Sackett Robert Legato
Transfigurations 6/4/90 43957.2 René Echevarria Tom Benko
The Best of Both Worlds, Part I 6/18/90 43989.1 Michael Piller Cliff Bole
Season 4
The Best of Both Worlds, Part II 9/24/90 44001.4 Michael Piller Cliff Bole
Family 10/1/90 44012.3 Ronald D. Moore Les Landau
Brothers 10/8/90 44085.7 Rick Berman Robert Bowman
Suddenly Human 10/15/90 44143.7 Ralph Phillips Gabrielle Beaumont
Remember Me 10/22/90 44161.2 Lee Sheldon Cliff Bole
Legacy 10/29/90 44215.2 Joe Menosky Robert Scheerer
Reunion 11/5/90 44246.3 Drew Deighan, Thomas Perry, and Jo Perry Jonthan Frakes
Future Imperfect 11/12/90 44286.5 J. Larry Carroll and David Bennett Carren Les Landau
Final Mission 11/19/90 44307.3 Kasey Arnold-Ince Corey Allen
The Loss 12/31/90 44356.9 Hilary J. Bader Chip Chalmers
Data's Day 1/7/91 44390.1 Harold Apter Robert Wiemer
The Wounded 1/28/91 44429.6 Stuart Charno, Sara Charno, and Cy Chermax Chip Chalmers
Devil's Due 2/4/91 44474.5 Philip LaZebnik and William Douglas Lansford Tom Benko
Clues 2/11/91 44502.7 Bruce D. Arthurs Les Landau
First Contact 2/18/91 Unknown Mark Scott Zicree Cliff Bole
Galaxy's Child 3/11/91 44614.6 Thomas Kartozian Winrich Kolbe
Night Terrors 3/18/91 44631.2 Sheri Goodhartz Les Landau
Identity Crisis 3/25/91 44664.5 Timothy De Haas Winrich Kolbe
Nth Degree 4/1/91 44704.2 Joe Menoksy Robert Legato
Qpid 4/22/91 44741.9 Randee Russel and Ira Steven Behr Cliff Bole
The Drumhead 4/29/91 44769.2 Jeri Taylor Jonthan Frakes
Half a Life 5/6/91 44805.3 Ted Roberts and Peter Allan Fields Les Landau
The Host 5/13/91 44821.3 Michael Horuat Marvin Rush
The Mind's Eye 5/27/91 44885.5 Ken Schafer and René Echevarria David Livingston
In Theory 6/3/91 44932.3 Joe Menosky and Ronald D. Moore David Livingston
Redemption, Part I 6/17/91 44995.3 Ronald D. Moore Cliff Bole
Season 5
Redemption, Part II 9/23/91 45020.4 Ronald D. Moore David Carson
Darmok 9/30/91 45047.2 Philip LaZebnik and Joe Menosky Winrich Kolbe
Ensign Ro 10/7/91 45076.3 Rick Berman and Michael Piller Les Landau
Silicon Avatar 10/14/91 45122.3 Lawrence V. Conley Cliff Bole
Disaster 10/21/91 45156.1 Ron Jarvis ad Philips A. Scorza Gabrielle Beaumont
The Game 10/28/91 45208.2 Susan Sackett, Fred Bronson, and Brannon Braga Corey Allen
Unification, Part I 11/4/91 45236.4 Rick Berman and Michael Piller Les Landau
Unification, Part II 11/11/91 45245.8 Rick Berman and Michael Piller Cliff Bole
A Matter of Time 11/18/91 45349.1 Rick Berman Paul Lynch
New Ground 1/6/92 45376.3 Sara Charno and Staurt Charno Robert Scheerer
Hero Worship 1/27/92 45397.3 Hilary J. Bader Patrick Stewart
Violations 2/3/92 45429.3 Shari Goodhartz, T. Michael, and Pamela Gray Robert Wiemer
The Masterpiece Society 2/10/92 45470.1 James Kahn and Adam Belanoff Winrich Kolbe
Conundrum 2/17/92 45494.2 Paul Schiffer Les Landau
Power Play 2/24/92 45571.2 Paul Reuben and Maurice Hurley David Livingston
Ethics 3/2/92 45587.3 Sara Charno and Stuart Charno Chip Chalmers
The Outcast 3/16/92 45614.6 Jeri Taylor Robert Schreerer
Cause and Effect 3/23/92 45652.1 Brannon Braga Jonthan Frakes
The First Duty 3/30/92 45703.9 Ronald D. Moore Paul Lynch
Cost of Living 4/20/92 45733.6 Peter Allan Fields Winrich Kolbe
The Perfect Mate 4/27/92 45761.3 René Echevarria and Gary Perconte Cliff Bole
Imaginary Friend 5/4/92 45832.1 Jean Louise Matthias, Ronald Wilkerson, and Richard Fliegel Gabrielle Beaumont
I, Borg 5/11/92 45854.2 René Echevarria Robert Lederman
The Next Phase 5/18/92 45092.4 Ronald D. Moore David Carson
The Inner Light 6/1/92 45944.1 Morgan Gendel Peter Lauritson
Time's Arrow, Part I 6/15/92 45959.1 Joe Menosky Les Landau
Season 6
Time's Arrow, Part II 9/21/92 46001.3 Joe Menosky Les Landau
Realm of Fear 9/28/92 46041.1 Brannon Braga Cliff Bole
Man of the People 10/5/92 46071.6 Frank Abatemarco Winrich Kolbe
Relics 10/12/92 46125.3 Ronald D. Moore Alexander Singer
Schisms 10/19/92 46154.2 Jean Louise Matthias and Robin Wilkerson Robert Weimer
True Q 10/26/92 46192.3 René Echevarria Robert Scheerer
Rascals 11/2/92 46235.7 Ward Bostfordm Diane Dru Bostford, and Michael Piller Adam Nimoy
A Fistful of Datas 11/9/92 46271.5 Robert Hewitt Wolfe Patrick Stewart
The Quality of Life 11/16/92 46307.2 Naren Shankar Jonathan Frakes
Chain of Command, Part I 12/14/92 46357.4 Fank Abatemarco Robert Scheerer
Chain of Command, Part II 12/21/92 46360.8 Frank Abatemarco Les Landau
Ship in a Bottle 1/25/93 46424.1 René Echevarria Alexander Singer
Aquiel 2/1/93 46461.3 Jeri Taylor Cliff Bole
Face of the Enemy 2/8/93 46519.1 René Echevarria Gabrielle Beaumont
Tapestry 2/15/93 Unknown Ronald D. Moore Les Landau
Birthright, Part I 2/22/93 46578.4 Brannon Braga Winrich Kolbe
Birthright, Part II 3/1/93 46579.2 René Echevarria Don Curry
Starship Mine 3/29/93 46682.4 Morgan Gendel Cliff Bole
Frame of Mind 4/3/93 46778.1 Brannon Braga James L. Conway
Lessons 4/5/93 46693.1 Ronald Wilkerson and Jean Lousie Matthias Robert Weimer
The Chase 4/26/93 46731.5 Ronald D. Moore and Joe Menosky Jonthan Frakes
Suspicions 5/10/93 46830.1 Joe Menosky and Naren Shankar Cliff Bole
Rightful Heir 5/17/93 46852.2 James E. Brooks Winrich Kolbe
Second Chances 5/24/93 46915.2 Michael A. Medlock LeVar Burton
Timescape 6/14/93 46944.2 Brannon Braga Adam Nimoy
Descent, Part I 6/21/93 46982.1 Jeri Taylor Alexander Singer
Season 7
Descent, Part II 9/20/93 47025.4 René Echevarria Alexander Singer
Liaisons 9/27/93 Unknown Roger Eschbacher and Jaq Greenspan Cliff Bole
Interface 10/4/93 47215.5 Joe Menosky Robert Weimer
Gambit, Part I 10/11/93 47135.2 Christoper Hatton and Naren Shankar Peter Lauritson
Gambit, Part II 10/18/93 47160.1 Naren Shankar Alexander Singer
Phantasms 10/25/93 47225.7 Brannon Braga Patrick Stewart
Dark Page 11/1/93 47254.1 Hilary J. Bader Les Landau
Attached 11/8/93 47304.2 Nicholas Sagan Jonathan Frakes
Force of Nature 11/15/93 47310.2 Naren Shankar Robert Lederman
Inheritance 11/22/93 47410.2 Dan Koeppel Robert Scheerer
Parallels 11/29/93 47391.2 Brannon Braga Robert Weimer
The Pegasus 1/10/94 47457.1 Ronald D. Moore LeVar Burton
Homeward 1/17/94 47423.9 William N. Stape and Spike Steingasser Alexander Singer
Sub Rosa 1/31/94 c. 47500 Jeanna F. Gallo and Jeri Taylor Jonathan Frakes
Lower Decks 2/7/94 47566.7 Ronald Wilkerson and Jean Louise Matthias Gabrielle Beaumont
Thine Own Self 2/14/94 47611.2 Christopher Hatten Winrich Kolbe
Masks 2/21/94 47615.2 Joe Menosky Robert Weimer
Eye of the Beholder 2/28/94 47622.1 Brannon Braga Cliff Bole
Genesis 3/21/94 47653.2 Brannon Braga Gates McFadden
Journey's End 3/28/94 47751.2 Ronald D. Moore Corey Allen
Firstborn 4/25/94 47779.4 Mark Kalbfeld Jonathan West
Bloodlines 5/2/94 47829.1 Nicholas Sagan Jonathan West
Emergence 5/9/94 47869.2 Brannon Braga Cliff Bole
Preemptive Strike 5/16/94 47941.7 Naren Shankar Patrick Stewart
All Good Things..., Parts I and II 5/23/94 47988 Ronald D. Moore and Brannon Braga Winrich Kolbe