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Season 7

Descent Part II

Lore is controlling Data to force him to assist in destroying the Federation. Geordi seeks a way to reactivate Data's ethical program.


Three alien ambassadors visit the Enterprise. One irritates Worf, another indulges in sweets with Troi, and the third shuttles Picard to their home world. Picard and the alien crash on a desolate planet where Picard finds a "woman" who insists he love her -- but it is the (male) alien studying human emotions.


While testing an experimental interface that lets a person be the eyes and ears of a remote probe, Geordi sees an image of his missing mother claiming to need his help.

Gambit Part I

Riker investigates the disappearance of Picard and is told by a witness that Picard was vaporized by a phaser. But when Riker is kidnapped to the mercenary ship, he finds Capt. Picard investigating undercover.

Gambit Part II

Picard, pretending to be archaeologist, Galen, and Riker learn the mercenaries are searching for a legendary Vulcan weapon used in the early, violent period in Vulcan history.


Data discovers he can have nightmares too -- through Dr. Soong's dream program. But the nightmares are turning to waking dreams that may threaten crew members.

Dark Page

Lwaxana is hosting a conference with telepathic aliens on board the Enterprise. When she falls into a coma, Troi enters her mind telepathically with the aid of one of the aliens, and discovers she had a sister, Kestra, now deceased.


The Enterprise visits planet, Kesprytt II, with mutually distrustful species, the Kes and the Prytt. the Kes seek Federation membership and the xenophobic Prytt suspect a plot against them. the Prytt imprison Picard and Dr. Crusher and place telepathic devices on their necks that will let them read their motives. But when Picard and Dr. Crusher escape, they learn that the devices transmit their thoughts to each other.

Force of Nature

Aliens visit the Enterprise claiming that warp drives such as the Enterprise's are causing rifts in space. They want warp drive prohibited in affected areas of space.


While attempting to regenerate a planet's magma, Data meets a scientist who claims to be his "mother" -- Dr. Noonien Soong's wife, Juliana.


On return from a Klingon competition, Worf notices his reality keeps changing -- his position on the Enterprise, the outcome of the competition, and in one instance his relationship with Troi: he is now married to her. But no one else seems to notice the changes.

The Pegasus an admiral who was Riker's first captain requires him to keep secret the nature of their mission when their ship, the Pegasus, was lost. the Romulans are now searching for the ship, and the Federation must find it before they do, and recover an experimental -- and illegal -- Federation cloaking-phasing device that is on the ship.


Worf's adoptive brother, Nikolai, who was stationed as a cultural observer of a primitive society, has been interfering in order to save them from the imminent extinction of life on their planet. When the Enterprise arrives, he illegally beams the inhabitants into the holodeck thereby forcing Picard to find a new home planet for them.

Sub Rosa

While at her grandmother's funeral, Dr. Crusher encounters a ghostly energy-being who had been companion and lover to her late grandmother -- and many generations of her ancestors -- and now wishes to assume that role with her.

Lower Decks

Four ensigns are being evaluated for promotion, including Ensign Sito who (as a cadet) participated with Wesley in the cover-up in the death of another cadet at Starfleet Academy. When a Cardassian informer is secretly rescued and must now be returned to Cardassian space, she is called upon to accompany him as a "hostage" for his credibility.

Thine Own Self

Data suffers amnesia on a planet due to an accident and stumbles into a village. the inhabitants befriend him until they start to become ill from some radioactive material Data was carrying. They believe he brought a plague. Meanwhile, Deanna is taking her exams for promotion to full Commander.


Data experiences multiple personalities, and strange objects start appearing all over the Enterprise. the Enterprise is gradually being transformed into an ancient city, and Data is the key.

Eye of the Beholder

As Troi investigates the suicide of a promising young officer, she experiences a strange empathetic vision, after which Troi and Worf start a romantic relationship. Troi's visions continue and appear to involve crew members at the time the Enterprise was built.


A virus-like T-cell disease is causing all crew members except Data to de-evolve into various primitive species.

Journey's End

Picard is ordered to evacuate a planet which a new treaty has placed inside Cardassian space. He may have to forcibly remove an old colony of American Indians. A vacationing Wesley, disenchanted with Starfleet Academy, becomes involved and resigns from Starfleet.


Worf's son, Alexander, declares he does not wish to be a Klingon warrior. Then a Klingon, who claims to have been sent by Worf's brother, Kurn, to protect him from an assassination, arrives and tries to convince Alexander to follow the Klingon way.


Ferengi Bok appears to Captain Picard by projection, informing him of a son Picard never knew he had. Bok now intends to kill Picard's son in revenge for the death of his own son.


Picard and Data experience a computer malfunction while in the holodeck, in which several holodeck programs become combined, including an Orient Express program where the passenger activities are affecting the Enterprise. Meanwhile strange devices are appearing on board that seem to be an emerging life form.

Preemptive Strike

Ro Laren, now a lieutenant, is brought to the Enterprise to infiltrate the Maquis, Federation colonists that are attacking the Cardassians and jeopardizing the new treaty with the Federation. But when she joins a Maquis cell, she finds she identifies with them and has difficulty following her orders to expose them.

All Good Things... Part 1 and 2

Picard realizes that he is spontaneously switching among three specific times in his life: the present, the past when he first joined the Enterprise, and the future 25 years after leaving the Enterprise. an anti-time anomaly in the present and past times, and which Q informs Picard will result in the extermination of all humans, leads Picard of the future time to investigate the same area to find the cause. He learns that the anti-time anomaly is growing backwards in time, where it will have prevented the formation of life on Earth.