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Season 6

Time's Arrow Part II

The aliens are found to be predators, killing humans for their energy. They must defeat them and return to their own time.

Realm of Fear

Crew member Barclay's fear of the transporter is compounded by his apparent encounter with living organisms during transport.

Man of the People

Troi is changed by an encounter with an alien ambassador-- exhibiting aberrant behavior and rapidly aging.


The crew discover Scotty locked in a transporter beam where he put himself 75 years earlier due to a crash of his ship.


While investigating a remote area, Riker and other crew members seem to be intermittently disappearing from the Enterprise for periods of time. They believe aliens have been abducting them for experimentation.

True Q

A medical intern on the Enterprise is learning that she has the power of the Q Continuum. Q appears and wants her to leave humans for the continuum -- or be killed.


A transporter accident changes Picard, Ro, Guinan, and Keiko into children. When rogue Ferengi take over the Enterprise, Picard must defeat them -- as a child.

A Fistful of Datas

An experiment by Geordi and Data with the computer causes a holodeck malfunction. Worf and Alexander are trapped in the "ancient" west with several Datas, one of which is a gunfighter who can really kill.

The Quality of Life

A scientist on the Enterprise for an experiment introduces "exocomps" -- mechanical devices that can learn new techniques. Data believes they are life forms.

Chain of Command Part I

Picard is relieved of command of the Enterprise for a secret mission to a Cardassian planet to investigate suspicious activities. But it is a decoy and Picard is captured and tortured for information.

Chain of Command Part II

Picard is released after enduring Cardassian torture.

Ship in a Battle

After Barclay releases the Moriarty holodeck program during maintenance, the disgruntled Moriarty appears to leave the holodeck and take control of the Enterprise.


While investigating a murder on a remote communication station, Geordi becomes romantically involved with the suspect, Lieutenant Aquiel Uhnari.

Face of the Enemy

Troi awakes to discover she is aboard a Romulan ship and her face has been surgically altered to make her appear to be Romulan. Underground Romulans intend to use her to assist in the escape of some dissident Romulans.


After Picard is injured and apparently dying, Q appears to him in the "afterlife" and takes Picard back in time to his graduation from the Academy to relive and change parts of his life.

Birthright Part I

Worf is told his natural father, Mogh, is alive in a Romulan prison camp and he goes to investigate. On the Enterprise, a power surge causes Data to have a "dream" of his maker, Dr. Soong.

Birthright Part II

Worf is held in the prison camp where he learns his father is not alive. the camp elders and Romulans do not intend to release Worf, to protect themselves. the Klingons are forgetting their heritage and Worf wishes to teach the young Klingons.

Starship Mine

While the Enterprise is evacuated for a sweep to eliminate harmful particles, Picard returns for his saddle to discover mercenaries are aboard to steal trilithium to sell to terrorists. He pretends to be the barber while looking for a way to defeat them. Meanwhile Data practices small talk.


Picard becomes romantically involved with a new officer on the Enterprise, a pianist with whom he shares his flute-playing and his experiences.

The Chase

After turning down his former archaeology Professor's offer to leave the Enterprise in search of a genetic mystery, the professor's ship is destroyed, killing the professor. Picard then embarks on the search to find what the professor was studying and why he was killed. But, Klingons, Cardassians, and Romulans are after the same thing.

Frame of Mind

As Riker gets into an acting role as a patient in a mental institution, reality and the role become intertwined as Riker thinks he really is trapped in a mental institution controlled by aliens.


Dr. Crusher organizes a group of scientists to investigate a Ferengi scientist's claim to a new shielding method. But when the demonstration appears to go awry, apparently killing one participant after which the Ferengi scientist mysteriously dies, she risks her career to find out what happened.

Rightful Heir

Worf goes to a planet where Klingons await the return of their ancient spiritual warrior leader, Kahless, to return from death to lead the Klingons. When Kahless seems to actually return, questions arise whether he is the real Kahless, and Gowron arrives to challenge his claim.

Second Chances

When the Enterprise returns to a planet to recover data from an aborted scientific mission from which Riker had barely escaped eight years ago, they discover a second Riker living there that had been created by a reflected transporter beam. This other Riker is still in love with Troi.


While returning to the Enterprise on a shuttlecraft, Picard, Data, La Forge, and Troi experience mysterious lapses in time in which they appear motionless and do not age. the Enterprise and a Romulan ship are found frozen in an apparent battle, with a core breach just started in the Enterprise, at the center of the time anomalies. Releasing the freeze could destroy the ship!

Descent Part I

While investigating a Borg attack on an outpost, Data appears to experience anger and pleasure in killing one Borg. These Borg behave differently, more individually. Later, after they capture one Borg, Data and the Borg leave together pursued by the Enterprise. They arrive at a planet where Lore -- and now Data -- are leading a group of apparently independent Borg to destroy the Federation. and they capture Picard, LaForge, and Troi.