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Season 5

Redemption Part II

Picard forms a blockade to stop the Romulans from helping one side in the Klingon civil war. the Romulan fleet is lead by Commander. Sela, Tasha Yar's daughter as a result of Tasha's going back in time.


An alien captain (Dathon) has himself and Picard transported to a El-Adrel where they must fight a dangerous beast as in their folklore, "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra," and learn to communicate through metaphor.

Ensign Ro

A Bajoran ensign in Starfleet is assigned to the Enterprise to help contact Bajoran terrorists that supposedly attacked a Federation colony -- but it was the Cardassians.

Silicon Avatar

The crystalline entity attacks a colony. A scientist accuses Data of bringing the entity, like his brother, Lore.


A "quantum filament" hits the Enterprise, completely disabling it. Various crew members are trapped in different parts of the ship. Keiko goes into labor, assisted by Worf. Picard and three children are trapped in the turbolift.

The Game

Riker brings a mind-game from Risa, which proves addictive to all except Data, whom Dr. Crusher disables, and Wesley and girlfriend Robin, who pretend to be addicted also. the game is taking over the Enterprise crew and Wesley and Robin work to defeat it.

Unification Part I

Starfleet discovers that Spock has gone on an unauthorized trip to Romulus to begin a peace mission to reunite the Vulcans and Romulans. Picard and Data follow, disguised as Romulans.

Unification Part II

Spock meets with the Romulans to arrange the unification of Vulcans and Romulans, only to discover the Romulans intend to conquer the Vulcans.

A Matter of Time

A time-traveler appears, claiming to be an historian from the future and is taken aboard. Picard wants him to reveal the outcome of their risky attempt to save a planet hit by an asteroid.

New Ground

Worf's son, Alexander, wishes to live with him on the Enterprise, but his behavior is a problem. A new wave is tested to move a ship at warp speed without engines.

Hero Worship

A boy rescued from a destroyed ship emulates Data to escape the trauma of losing his parents. Now the Enterprise is in danger of being destroyed the same way.


Troi, Riker, and Dr. Crusher fall into comas after telepathic aliens come aboard the Enterprise. the aliens are suspected of "invading" their minds.

The Masterpiece Society

After the crew saves a sheltered, genetically-engineered society from a stellar core fragment, some of the members seek asylum on the Enterprise -- threatening the society's stability.


Everyone on the Enterprise suffers amnesia and struggles to discover their true identities. Meanwhile, they become engaged in a battle with the Lysians.

Power Play

Possessed by spirits from an abandoned moon, Troi, Data, and O'Brien attempt mutiny on the Enterprise.


Paralyzed in an accident, Worf must choose between experimental surgery and the traditional Klingon way -- ritual suicide.

The Outcast

Riker's romance with an androgynous alien of the J'naii conflicts with their prohibition of male-female relationships.

Cause and Effect

The Enterprise is trapped in a time loop without realizing it, repeatedly crashing with another ship and then going back in time to repeat the crash. A growing sense of deja vu leads them to suspect what has happened and find a way out.

The First Duty

Wesley's squadron conceals the cause of a fatal accident. Picard discovers the cover-up and Wesley must decide whether to support the team or tell the truth.

Cost of Living

Lwaxana takes Worf's son Alexander under her wing. She also announces she is about to be married on the Enterprise -- to a man she has never met. the Enterprise is experiencing serious malfunctions caused by space parasites.

The Perfect Mate

A woman "mesomorph" -- a genetically perfect mate for a man -- is sent by a warring race to be the mate of their enemy leader as a gesture of peace. But she gets involved with Picard.

Imaginary Friend

An alien energy being in a nebula assumes the role of a little girl's imaginary friend and is threatening the Enterprise.

I, Borg

The Enterprise finds an injured, lone Borg. He was managing a probe and it crashed. Guinan and Picard both must deal with their emotions from previous Borg encounters. Separated from the collective, the Borg becomes more individual and they name it Hugh.

The Next Phase

The crew believe that Geordi and Ro have died when they vanish during transport, but they are still aboard the Enterprise. an accident "phased" them into a secret new Romulan cloaked state where no one can see them and they can pass through matter. They must find a way back to normal.

The Inner Light

Capt. Picard believes he has been transported to another world, where he has a wife, and lives many years, having a son and grandchildren. On the Enterprise, he seems to be unconscious and linked to a beam from a probe.

Time's Arrow Part I

After an archaeological discovery on Earth that gives evidence of aliens visiting earth in the 19th century, Data goes back accidentally to San Francisco in 1893 where he meets Mark Twain and a younger Guinan. He is then followed back by Picard, Riker, Dr. Crusher, and LaForge.