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Season 4

The Best of Both Worlds Part II

Riker gets Captain Picard back and Data is able to link into the Borg network through him and stop their attack.

Suddenly Human

The Enterprise saves an alien ship and finds a teenage human boy aboard who has been raised by the aliens as one of their own. Picard must decide whether to return him to the aliens.


Data is called back to his creator, Dr. Noonien Soong, by a homing device in his circuits that causes him to divert the Enterprise. the same signal inadvertently recalls Lore, also.


Picard returns home to visit his brother, Robert, at his vineyards in France. Worf's parents visit the Enterprise -- to Worf's chagrin. Wesley receives a holographic message from his late father, Jack Crusher.

Remember Me

After a warp field experiment by Wesley, Dr. Crusher discovers more and more of the crew members have vanished and no one else left on board misses them or even knows who they are.


In a rescue attempt on Tasha Yar's home planet, Tasha's sister, Ishara Yar, offers to help but is actually using the Enterprise to further her own cause.


Picard is enlisted to mediate the selection of the new head of the Klingon High Council. Worf learns that he has a son, Alexander, by K'Ehleyr.

Future Imperfect

Riker awakes in sick bay to be told 16 years have elapsed and he has a son -- and his memory was erased by a virus.

Final Mission

Wesley joins Picard on a mission after learning he will be going to Starfleet Academy. the shuttlecraft crashes on a desert world, where Picard is seriously injured by a rock slide.

The Loss

Troi loses her empathetic abilities while the Enterprise is trapped by a two-dimensional field and being drawn with it toward a cosmic string that could destroy the Enterprise.

Data's Day

Data narrates a day's activities in which he tries to understand various human reactions. Miles O'Brien and Keiko marry.


A Federation starship captain is attacking the Cardassians, and the Enterprise must intercept and stop him before he starts a war.

Devil's Due

A woman with great powers claims a planet by a 1000 year old contract. Picard believes that she is just a con artist.


After experiencing a wormhole, Data appears to be lying to cover up the reason for the crew's resulting unconsciousness.

First Contact

Riker is injured and hospitalized while disguised as one of the people on a planet where the inhabitants are on the verge of space travel. To rescue Riker, Picard is forced to make immediate contact.

Galaxy's Crisis

Geordi meets the real life Dr. Leah Brahms whom he once "met" as a holodeck image. Meanwhile, Picard is dealing with a young, newly discovered lifeform that has attached itself to the Enterprise and is draining its energy.

Night Terrors

The Enterprise is caught in a space rift where energy is drained, preventing their escape. Telepathic communications by aliens also caught there is interfering with REM sleep causing the entire crew to become paranoid and hallucinate.

Identity Crisis

Geordi and another officer are gradually undergoing a change into an alien form, apparently as a result of a mission to a planet 5 years ago. All other members of the previous mission have disappeared or died trying to return to the planet.

Nth Degree

Shy crewman Barclay is turned into a super-intelligent human by an alien probe. He connects himself to the ship's computer and is taking the Enterprise to a distant part of the galaxy.


Vash comes to the Enterprise, but is annoyed that Picard has never mentioned her to his friends. Q decides to help, making Picard play Robin Hood, to save Vash as Maid Marian.

The Drumhead

After a Klingon exchange scientist admits to spying, an admiral accuses an innocent crewman and then Picard of treason.

Half a Life

Troi's mother, Lwaxana, falls in love with an alien scientist. But he must return home to commit ritual suicide because he has reached age 60.

The Host

Dr. Crusher falls in love with an alien ambassador. When he is fatally wounded, she finds he is a symbiont inside a host for a symbiotic species known as Trill.

The Mind's Eye

Geordi is captured by Romulans and programmed through his visor to help in an assassination plot against the Klingons.

In Theory

Data attempts a romantic relationship with a human crewmate -- with a new subroutine.

Redemption Part I

Worf resigns his commission in Starfleet to join Klingons as civil war is imminent in the Klingon Empire.