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Season 3

The Ensigns of Command

Data meets with colonists to evacuate them from the planet they settled on as it belongs to the Sheliak by Federation treaty. But they refuse to leave and Data must find a way to convince them or they will be destroyed by the Sheliak.


Wesley's science project accidentally releases microscopic nanites into the computers. Now they are replicating and damaging the ship's computer as they evolve into a life form.

The Survivors

An elderly man and wife are the only survivors of an alien massacre. But they refuse to be evacuated. Troi is besieged by loud, real music in her mind that won't stop.

Who Watches the Watchers

Due to an accident, a primitive proto-Vulcan people believe Picard is a god. He must convince them he is not, to avoid their returning to primitive beliefs in "overseers."

The Bonding

After an accident to the Away team on a planet in which a crew member is killed, the woman appears on the Enterprise and wishes to take her son down to the planet.

Booby Trap

The Enterprise is trapped by energy draining, radiation emitting devices in an asteroid field. Geordi creates a holodeck image of Dr. Leah Brahms, the senior design engineer of the Enterprise, to help find a solution.

The Enemy

Stranded on a planet with magnetic storms, Geordi is captured by a Romulan. They eventually work together to escape.

The Price

As negotiations are taking place on the Enterprise, Troi falls in love with a Betazoid delegate. But she discovers he is using his telepathic abilities to his advantage and Troi disapproves.

The Vengeance Factor

Picard assists in the reconciliation of clans that have been warring for a century. But an assassin is killing delegates.

The Defector

A Romulan defector tries to lead the Enterprise into the neutral zone to prevent a war. But is he telling the truth?

The Huunted

The Enterprise crew tries to capture an elusive alien humanoid escapee who has been chemically programmed for war.

The High Ground

Terrorists on the planet, Rutia, kidnap Dr. Crusher and Capt. Picard to negotiate for advantages.

Deja Q

Q returns as a mortal, banished from the Continuum. He is being pursued by an alien force wishing to kill him and attacking the Enterprise in order to reach him.

A Matter of Perspective

Riker is accused of the murder of a scientist after a space station explodes. Conflicting witness reports are recreated by holodeck.

Yestaerday's Enterprise

A time rift brings old Enterprise-C 22 years into the future with Picard's Enterprise, thereby changing events of Picard's present. Lt. Yar is back alive, and the Federation is at war with the Klingons-- and losing. At the end Yar chooses to return to the past with Enterprise-C.

The Offspring

Data creates an android "offspring," Lal, based on his own circuits, who chooses female form. Then Starfleet wants to take her away for study.

Sins of the Father

Worf's brother, Kurn, assumes a command position on the Enterprise, then informs Worf he must challenge a charge of treason against his late father, Mogh.


Picard is kidnapped to a room with three other kidnapped aliens. A look-alike impostor Picard is leading the Enterprise into danger to test the crew's allegiance.

Captain's Holiday

Picard's vacation on Risa is disrupted by a woman's search for a device from the future -- pursued by a Ferengi and by two Vorgons from the future.

Tin Man

The Enterprise is assigned to contact a newly discovered lifeform with the aid of a Betazoid specialist.

Hollow Pursuits

Geordi tries to help a shy crewman, Barclay who escapes reality in the holodeck too frequently.

The Most Toys

Data is kidnapped, to be held indefinitely by an alien who collects unique things. the crew believe he was destroyed when his shuttle exploded.


Sarek joins the Enterprise for his last ambassadorial task at age 202 years -- but he is losing emotional control.

Menage Troi

A Ferengi DaiMon kidnaps Lwaxana (Troi's mother), and Troi, and Riker -- to use Lwaxana's telepathic powers for profit.


The Enterprise rescues an injured alien who has remarkable healing powers -- but has amnesia and cannot remember who he is or how he was injured. He has periods of pain as he begins a transformation to a higher life form.

The Best of Both Worlds Part I

The Borg are attacking within Federation space. They kidnap Picard, changing him to a Borg, Locutus, to be their spokesman.