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Season 2

The Child

Troi becomes pregnant by a life force entity which develops from embryo into human child in a few hours. Then it must "die" and leave as its presence is endangering everyone on the Enterprise.

Where Silence has Lease

The Enterprise is trapped in a void by a being, Nagilum, conducting an experiment to study humans.

Elementary, Dear Data

Data and Geordi play Sherlock Holmes and Watson in the holodeck. Geordi instructs the computer to create a formidable foe for Data. the result is a powerful Prof. Moriarty -- who learns how to control the Enterprise computer.

The Outrageous Okona

A charming captain of a spaceship is accused by his people of theft and philandering. Data tries to understand humor with the help of Guinan and Joe Piscopo.

The Schizoid Man

A dying scientist transfers his mind and knowledge into Data, who then becomes violent.

Loud as a Whisper

A deaf mediator is brought to a planet that has been at war for centuries. But prior to negotiations, his interpreters are killed.

Unnatural Selection

Pulaski contracts an aging-disease from genetically engineered human children.

A Matter of Honor

Riker serves on a Klingon ship in an exchange program, and the Klingons decide to destroy the Enterprise.

The Measure of a Man

A starbase officer orders Data disassembled for study. Picard defends his right to refuse, while Riker is obliged to argue for the study.

The Dauphin

Wesley is enamored of a young woman who is to be the ruler of a planet, but is distressed to find that she is not humanoid as she appears, but a shape-shifter.


A probe from an abandoned planet infects the Enterprise computer and that of a Romulan ship -- and Data -- with a virus that is disabling him and both ships.

The Royale

Riker, Worf, and Data are trapped in Hotel Royale, found on an apparently uninhabited planet, where they must play out the plot of an old gambling novel of the same name in order to escape.

Time Squared

A double of Picard from the future is found in a shuttlecraft -- he is the only survivor of a disastrous event about to happen to the Enterprise.

The Icarus Factor

Riker is briefed on a possible assignment to captain a starship -- by his estranged father. Worf goes through the Klingon Rite of Ascension in the holodeck.

Pen Pals

Data strikes up an acquaintance with an alien girl (his "pen pal," Sarjenka) who calls for help by radio. Her planet is breaking up and Data wishes to help, but Picard is concerned about the Prime Directive.

Q Who?

Denied a position on the Enterprise, Q hurls the ship 7,000 light years where they must battle the Borgs -- powerful cyborgs with a collective mind who wish to assimilate other races.

Samaritan Snare

Picard is piloted by Wesley to a starbase for a heart replacement. Riker must negotiate with aliens (Pakleds) who have taken Geordi hostage in order to get Enterprise technology.

Up the Long Ladder

The Enterprise rescues an endangered Earth colony and then discovers a colony of clones from Earth who desperately need new genetic material.


Troi's mother, Lwaxana, joins the Enterprise in search of a husband -- and elects first Picard, then Riker.

The Emissary

An emissary, Worf's past mate K'Ehleyr, is sent to the Enterprise to intercept a Klingon ship whose crew is in cryogenic state from the past. When they awake they will believe there is still a war with the Federation -- and attack!

Peak Performance

During a war game pitting Riker against Picard, a Ferengi ship ambushes the Enterprise while its weapons are disabled.

Shades of Gray

Riker gets a parasite as a result of a wound to his leg while on a planet. the parasite is taking over his nervous system, and will kill him unless Dr. Pulaski can stop it. the therapy triggers memories of Riker's past.