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Season 1

Encounter at Farpoint I

The Enterprise is ordered to investigate the Farpoint Station why and how the Deneba IV inhabitants, the Bandi, were able to build it and to negotiate for its use. But Q intercepts them, putting them on trial, charging humans with being a "grievously savage race." Picard suggests using themselves as a test of whether this is presently true of humans. Q agrees and they proceed to Deneba IV. Dr. McCoy makes a cameo appearance at 137 years old.

Encounter at Farpoint II

Q gives the crew 24 hours to solve the mystery of the Farpoint construction. On the planet, Bandi leader Groppler Zorn will not explain anything and threatens to ally with the Ferengi. an unknown, large ship arrives at the planet, scans the Enterprise, and then begins firing on the Bandi city. It kidnaps and tortures the leader, Zorn. Q appears on the bridge to heckle as they try to solve the problem while exonerating the human race.

The Naked Now

The crew is affected by the same intoxicating contaminant as the original Enterprise crew, but it is mutated. Under its influence, Wesley takes over main engineering.

Code of Honor

Yar is kidnapped by a man from a planet where women own all the property. She is challenged to fight to the death by his mate.


Counselor Troi faces a prearranged marriage on planet Haven.

Where No One Has Gone Before

An engineer and his alien assistant adjust the Enterprise engines, unintentionally throwing the ship 2,700,000 light years out of the galaxy. Then crew members have experiences in which their thoughts seem to become real.

The Last Outpost

A Ferengi ship and the Enterprise are caught in a force field by an energy-draining planet.

Lonely Among Us

The Enterprise passes an energy cloud accidentally picking up an energy entity. It takes over Picard causing him to leave the ship as pure energy.


Wesley is sentenced to death for a small infraction on an alien planet. A powerful ship in orbit, a god to the planet's inhabitants, may prevent the Captain from rescuing Wesley.

The Battle

A Ferengi commander, DaiMon Bok, attempts revenge on Capt. Picard for a previous battle with a mind altering device.

Hide and Q

Riker is given the power of Q, which he finds difficult to resist using.

Too Short a Season

A dying commander takes a youth-drug to fight terrorists holding hostages on an alien planet.

The Big Goodbye

The Captain (as detective Dixon Hill), Data, and Dr. Crusher are trapped in a holodeck creation of 1941 San Francisco due to a malfunction that also has given holodeck characters real powers to injure them. Meanwhile, the Jaradan, an intelligent insect species, impatiently await a formal diplomatic greeting from Picard.


When Data's twin, Lore -- found disassembled on Data's home planet is reactivated, he then attempts to take over the Enterprise and offer all humans on board to the crystalline entity which had previously killed all life on their home planet.

Angel One

The crew tries to rescue members of a disabled earth-ship from planet, Angel One, where they found refuge. But they wish to remain, even though they are fugitives -- and sentenced to death -- due to their opposition to the planet's matriarchal society that discriminates against men.


Binars hijack the Enterprise to use its computer to save their own computer-based planet, Binos, while Picard and Riker are in the holodeck. Riker is romantically involved with a very realistic holodeck woman, Minuet.

Home Soil

On Velera III, a planet the Federation is terraforming, an inorganic life form is found when it attacks the scientists. It is taken aboard for study, but starts growing and endangering the Enterprise. Data links with it and finds it to be an intelligent, indigenous life form whose survival was threatened by the terraforming.

When the Bough Breaks

The sterile inhabitants of a cloaked planet kidnap children, including Wesley, from the Enterprise to perpetuate their culture.

Coming of Age

Wesley competes for an Academy opening, while Capt. Picard is being investigated on the Enterprise.

Heart of Glory

After the crew rescues Klingon fugitives, their plot to take over the Enterprise puts Worf's loyalties to the test.

The Arsenal of Freedom

The Away Team fights a sequence of increasingly sophisticated killing machines on a weapons planet. the Enterprise is also under attack in orbit. Picard and Dr. Crusher fall into a pit, with Crusher seriously injured, while Riker and Yar try to find a way to overcome the machines.

Skin of Evil

When a shuttle carrying Troi and another crewman crashes on a planet, a sadistic alien, Armus, with great powers blocks her rescue and kills Lt. Yar as a demonstration of power.


Picard uncovers a deception when he comes between two worlds -- one with a "plague", the other with the cure. the plague turns out to be a planet-wide drug addiction and the "cure" a refined form of the drug that the other planet depends on as its only commerce.

We'll Always Have Paris

A scientist performing time experiments causes a rip in time which must be repaired by Mr. Data. Picard meets his old flame, Jenice, the woman he left behind in Paris when he joined Starfleet, now the wife of the scientist.


A conspiracy at Star Fleet command by intelligent, parasitic beings is underway.

The Neutral Zone

Three 20th century humans are found cryogenically frozen and are revived as the Enterprise heads for the neutral zone to rendezvous with the Romulans.