Title Original Air Date Stardate Writer Director
Original Pilot
The Cage N/AUnknown Gene Roddenberry Robert Butler
Season 1
The Man Trap 9/8/66 1513.1 George Clayton Johnson Marc Daniels
Charlie X 9/15/66 1533.6 Gene Roddenberry Lawrence Dobkin
Where No Man Has Gone Before 9/22/66 1312.4 Samuel A. Peeples James Goldstone
The Naked Time 9/29/66 1704.2 John D. T. Black Marc Daniels
The Enemy Within 10/6/66 1672.1 Richard Matheson Leo Penn
Mudd's Women 10/13/66 1329.1 Gene Roddenberry Harvery Hart
What Are Little Girls Made Of? 10/20/66 2712.4 Robert Bloch James Goldstone
Miri 10/27/66 2713.5 Adrian Spies Vincent McEveety
Dagger of the Mind 11/3/66 2715.1 S. Bar-David Vincent McEveety
The Corbomite Maneuver 11/10/66 1512.2 Jerry Sohl Joseph Goldstone
The Menagerie, Part I 11/17/66 3012.4 Gene Roddenberry Marc Daniels
The Menagerie, Part II 11/24/66 3013.1 Gene Roddenberry Marc Daniels
The Conscience of the King 12/8/66 2817.6 Barry Trivers Gerd Osward
Balance of Terror 12/15/66 1709 Paul Schneider Vincent McEveety
Shore Leave 12/29/66 3025.3 Theodore Sturgeon Robert Sparr
The Galileo Seven 1/5/67 2821.5 Oliver Crawford Robert Gist
The Squire of Gothos 1/12/67 2124.5 Paul Schneider Don McDougall
Arena 1/19/67 3045.6 Fredic Brown Joseph Pevney
Tomorrow is Yesterday 1/26/67 3113.2 D. C. Fontana Michael O'Herlihy
Court Martial 2/2/67 2947.3 Don M. Mankiewicz Marc Daniels
The Return of the Archons 2/9/67 3156.2 Gene Roddenberry Joseph Pevney
Space Seed 2/16/67 3141.9 Carey Wilber Marc Daniels
A Taste of Armageddon 2/23/67 3192.1 Robert Hamner Joseph Pevney
This Side of Paradise 3/2/67 3417.3 Nathan Butler and D. C. Fontana Ralph Senensky
The Devil in the Dark 3/9/67 3196.1 Gene L. Coon Joseph Pevney
Errand of Mercy 3/23/67 3198.4 Gene L. Coon John Newland
The Alternative Factor 3/30/67 3087.6 Don Ingalls Joseph Pevney
The City on the Edge of Forever 4/6/67 3134.0 Harlan Ellison Joseph Pevney
Operation Annihilate! 4/13/67 3287.2 Steven W. Carabastos Herschel Daugherty
Season 2
Amok Time 9/15/67 3372.7 Theodore Sturgeom Joseph Pevney
Who Mourns for Adonais? 9/22/67 3468.1 Gilbert Ralston Marc Daniels
The Changeling 9/29/67 3451.9 John Meredyth Lucas Marc Daniels
Mirror, Mirror 10/6/67 Unknown Jerome Bixby Marc Daniels
The Apple 10/13/67 3715.0 Max Ehrlich Joseph Pevney
The Doomsday Machine 10/20/67 4202.9 Norman Spinrad Marc Daniels
Catspaw 10/27/67 3018.2 Robert Bloch Joseph Pevney
I, Mudd 11/3/67 4513.3 Stephen Kandel Marc Daniels
Metamorphosis 11/10/67 Unknown Gene L. Coon Ralph Senensky
Journey to Babel 11/17/67 3842.3 D. C. Fontana Joseph Pevney
Friday's Child 12/1/67 3497.2 D. C. Fontana Joesph Pevney
The Deadly Years 12/8/67 3478.2 David P. Harmon Joesph Pevney
Obsession 12/15/67 3619.2 Art Wallace Ralph Senensky
Wolf in the Fold 12/22/67 3614.9 Robert Bloch Joseph Pevney
The Trouble With Tribbles 12/29/67 4523.3 David Gerrold Joseph Pevney
The Gamesters of Triskelion 1/5/68 3211.7 Margaret Armen Gene Nelson
A Piece of the Action 1/12/68 4598.0 David P. Harmon James Komack
The Immunity Syndrome 1/19/68 4307.1 Robert Sabaroff Joseph Pevney
A Private Little War 2/2/68 4211.4 Jud Crucis Marc Daniels
Return to Tomorrow 2/9/68 4768.3 John Kingsbridge Ralph Senensky
Patterns of Force 2/16/68 2534.0 John Meredyth Vincent McEveety
By Any Other Name 2/23/68 4657.5 Jerome Bixby Marc Daniels
The Omega Glory 3/1/68 Unknown Gene Roddenberry Vincent McEveety
The Ultimate Computer 3/8/68 4729.4 Laurence N. Wolfe John Meredyth Lucas
Bread and Circuses 3/15/68 4040.7 Gene Roddenberry and Gene L. Coon Ralph Senensky
Assignment: Earth 3/29/68 Unknown Gene Roddenberry and Are Wallace Marc Daniels
Season 3
Spock's Brain 9/20/68 5431.4 Lee Cronin Marc Daniels
The Enterprise Incident 9/27/68 5027.3 D. C. Fontana John Meredyth Lucas
The Paradise Syndrome 10/4/68 4842.6 Margaret Armen John Meredyth Lucas
And the Children Shall Lead 10/11/68 5027.3 Edward J. Lakso Marvin Chomsky
Is There In Truth No Beauty? 10/18/68 5630.7 Jean Lisette Aroeste Ralph Senensky
Spectre of the Gun 10/25/68 4385.3 Lee Cronin Vincent McEveety
Day of the Dove 11/1/68 Unknown Jerome Bixby Marvin Chomsky
For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky 11/8/68 5476.3 Rik Collaerts Tony Leader
The Tholian Web 11/15/68 5693.2 Judy Burns and Chet Richards Herb Wallerstein
Plato's Stepchildren 11/22/68 5784.0 Meyer Dolinsky David Alexander
Wink of an Eye 11/29/68 5710.5 Lee Cronin Jud Taylor
The Empath 12/6/68 5121.0 Joyce Muskat John Erman
Elaan of Troyius 12/20/68 4372.5 John Meredyth Lucas John Meredyth Lucas
Whom Gods Destroy 1/3/69 5718.3 Lee Erwin and Jerry Sohl Herb Wallerstein
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield 1/10/69 5730.2 Lee Cronin Jud Taylor
The Mark of Gideon 1/17/69 5423.4 George F. Slavin and Stanley Adams

Jud Taylor

That Which Survives 1/24/69 Unknown Michael Richards Herb Wallerstein
The Lights of Zetar 1/31/69 5725.3 Jeremy Tarcher and Shari Lewis Herb Kenwith
Requiem For Methuselah 2/14/69 5843.7 Jerome Bixby Murray Golden
The Way to Eden 2/21/69 5832.3 Michael Richards and Arthur Heinemann David Alexander
The Cloud Minders 2/28/69 5818.4 David Gerrold and Oliver Crawford Jud Taylor
The Savage Curtain 3/7/69 5906.4 Gene Roddenberry Herschel Daugherty
All Our Yesterdays 3/14/69 5943.7 Jean Lisette Areosete Marvin Chomsky
Turnabout Intruder 6/3/69 5928.5 Gene Roddenberry Herb Wallerstein