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Star Trek II: Episode Summaries

The following episodes were written but never filmed, due to Star Trek II was cancelled at the last moment.

In Thy Image

Kirk reunites his old crew to save Earth from Vejur.

The Child

As the Enterprise passes through a mysterious cloud, a strange form of energy penetrates the ship's hull and enters Lieutenant Ilia's quarters. Dr. McCoy informs that she pregnant. Within three days, she gives birth to a girl, who continues to age rapidly. The molecular structure of the ship's hull is breaking down. Xon learns that the girl is an entity who wants to experience being human.

The Savage Syndrome

Decker, McCoy, and Ilia investigate a derelict vessel in orbit around a lifeless planet and find that the crew has brutally killed each other. Meanwhile, a space mine detonates near the Enterprise, unleashing an energy field that attacks the crew, transforming them into savages. The other three crew members must reverse the mine's effect.

Practice in Walking

Scotty, Decker, and Sulu beam over to a sleeper ship. They find a woman in suspended animation, but activate the mechanism and collapse into a coma. They appear to awaken in medieval Scotland and protect the woman from being killed as a witch. Meanwhile, McCoy struggles to awaken them.

A War to End War

The Enterprise arrives at a lifeless planet in ruins, where the crew is attached by warring android armies. A female android leads them to safety underground where the planet's inhabitants live in peace. Eventually, the landing party leaves the androids to their war.

Attain the All

ue-skinned alien, the prince, boards the Enterprise trapped in another dimension. He tells Kirk they will receive the ultimate gift-the "All"- if they prove worthy , Decker and Xon participate on a test including traveling through a maze-lite structure. Midway through, they realize that they are assuming the other personality. When they reach the end of the maze, an energy sphere engulfs the Enterprise and the crew begins to merge into a cosmic mind. Kirk and Decker resist.


Albert Einstein appears on the viewscreen, requesting help to escape a prison planet. Kirk investigates, Logos wants to assimilate all human life because of human barbarism. Kirk tries to convince Logos that humanity has changed, starting a battle of wills.

Tomorrow and the Stars

A transporter malfunction transports Kirk to Pearl Harbor, days before the Japanese attack. He falls in love. Xon and Scotty attempt to recover a divided Kirk, warning the woman and returning him to his own time to let history run its course.

Ghost Story

Kirk and a landing party beam down to a high-tech planet with no sign of intelligent life. Kirk is propelled into the planet's past and encounters two scientists who hook him to a mind scan. The mind scanner draws out Kirk's evil, which destroys all life on the planet, leaving it as the landing party first found it.

Devil's Due

The Enterprise finds a paradise planet. Its inhabitants are in a deep depression because their planet has only 20 days left. The leaders tell Kirk that 1,000 years earlier, when the planet was on the verge of environmental and social extinction, a powerful being promised them 1,000 years of prosperity in return for the planet at the end of that time. Kirk sets out to save the planet.


The Enterprise is ordered to participate in war games which nearly caused the destruction of Starbase 7. Kirk, Decker, McCoy and Xon transport over to the starbase to find that aliens replaced the Starfleet personnel. Kirk must convince them that humans pose no threat.

The Darker Side

The Enterprise reached a deserted planet and finds pentagons and other occult symbols. The world's inhabitants, animal-like creatures, still live in the hills. The crew brings a disease aboard the ship which brings out the dark side of the crew's personalities. Kirk fights the disease, returns to the planet, and confronts an evil entity.

Lords of Limbo

The Enterprise delivers supplies to Limbo, a prison planet. Inmates capture Kirk and want the Federation to investigate conditions on the planet. Skal

Klingon scientist, Scal, wants to defect to work for peace. He unknowingly carries a deadly virus to humans planted by the Klingons. When the virus infects the Enterprise crew, Skal volunteers to be beamed into space, but Kirk will not sacrifice Skal.

Only a Mother

Technicians on a matriarchal planet instill a replicator on the Enterprise. it creates dozens of copies of itself. A Klingon gets one of these copies, Kirk must get it back.

Small War

Kirk finds himself alone on the Enterprise confronting a Klingon vessel within the Neutral Zone with a giant alien peering at him through the main viewscreen. Then Kirk is on a desert planet join forces to survive. The alien them reveals that they were being killed.


Marla, the daughter of a Earth colony leader falls for Kirk. She uses magic to win him, but fails Kirk her power source, an alien crystalline computer. The colonists then use the computer to develop the colony.

Pandora's Planet

The Enterprise finds the survivors of a missing Federation ship. Then advanced reptilians attack. The survivors had taught the reptilians about Federation technology.

Lord's Bobby Obsession

Starfleet sensors detect possible penetration of the Neutral Zone by Romulans. The Enterprise investigates. They encounter Lord Bobby, who claims that an alien made him immortal. Meanwhile, five Romulan ships appear and attack the Enterprise.


The Enterprise begins a suicide mission to the Klingon homeworld to prevent interstellar war. They meet the Klingon child leader, Kitumba, Kirk tries to convince Kitumba to pursue peace between the Klingon Empire and the Federation, even as a power struggle between Kitumba ans some of his aides involves the Enterprise crew.