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Star Trek: Nemesis

Original Release Date: 11/22/1998
Running Time
: Approx 103 minutes


Patrick Stewart
Jonathan Frakes
Brent Spiner
LeVar Burton
Michael Dorn
Gates McFadden
Tom Hardy
Ron Perlman
Dina Meyer
Steven Culp
Whoopi Goldberg
Diana Muldaur
Wil Wheaton
Kate Mulgrew


Stardate: 56844.9

     In the Romulan Senate Chamber, the senate the Preator are meeting.  They are discussing Shinzon's proposal on the Planet Remus.  They turn down the proposal.  Everyone in the room is killed by thalaron radiation.

     In Alaska, William Riker and Deanna Troi are at their wedding ceremony with their friends including Wesley Crusher and Guinan.  Captain Picard is upset he is losing Riker and  Troi.  The married couple are moving to the U.S.S. Titan.  Data will become the new First Officer of the Enterprise-E.  Dr. Crusher will assume command of Starfleet Medical.   Worf has had too much Romulan Ale and says it should be illegal.  Geordi reminds him that it is.

     Back on Romulus, Shinzon is named as the new Romulan Preator.

     On the Enterprise, Worf is complaining that he won't attend the wedding on Betazed in the nude.  Captain Picard says that everyone will be naked at the wedding, as he leaves for the gym.  Worf reports that sensors have picked up abnormal reading from the Kolarin System.  They set course for Kolarus III.

     Picard, Data, and Worf take Argo down to the planet and begin to recover pieces of the android.  It resembles Data.  The away team comes under attack and must quickly flee the planet.  They learn its name is B-4.  Geordi sets up a memory transfer from Data to B-4.

     The Enterprise is ordered to Romulus by Admiral Kathryn Janeway.  Picard learns of the new Preator.  He calls for a meeting to discuss their new mission.  The Scimitar decloaks and Worf gives Picard a tactical analysis, 52 disruptor banks, 27 photon torpedo bays, and primary and secondary phased shields.  They make contact with Shinzon's viceroy, who sends them transporter coordinates.

     The senior staff beams down to the location and meet Shinzon.  Worf notices he is human while Data scans him.  Shinzon is mesmerized by the beauty of Troi.  That caused Riker to become defensive.  They finish meeting with Shinzon and return to the ship.

     Upon returning to the ship, they learn that Shinzon is a clone of Picard.  Riker is studying about the Reman as Troi is being mind-rapped by Shinzon.

     In the Romulan Senate Chamber, Suran is complaining about bringing the Enterprise to Romulus.  Shinzon orders Donatra to watch Suran and to kill him if he is a traitor.

     Shinzon and Picard have dinner together.  They talk about their history.  Picard returns to the Enterprise.  LaForge informs him Shinzon has thalaron.  In Sickbay, they discuss thalaron and how many people will die from it.  They learn why the computer was broken into.  B-4 was accessing the computer from Data's quarters.  Data is transported to the Scimitar.  Picard is transported to the brig of the Scimitar.  He is told that his blood is needed to keep Shinzon alive.  Data and Picard escape and steal a shuttle and return to the Enterprise.

     The Enterprise begins its return to Federation space to meet up with more Starfleet ships.  The return is disrupted by the Scimitar.  A battle has begun.  Into the battle, Dontara's ship appears ad helps the Enterprise try to fend off Shinzon's ship.  Her ship is nearly destroyed.

     The Enterprise is unable to stop Shinzon.  A Reman boarding party transports to the Enterprise.  A security team meets them and a phaser fight breaks out.  Riker goes after Shinzon's viceroy.  The Enterprise is damaged severely.  Picard rams the Enterprise into the Scimitar.  Picard attempts to auto-destruct the ship but the system is offline.  The Reman viceroy is killed when  he plummets to his death after Shinzon backs his ship away from the Enterprise. 

     Shinzon begins the countdown to activating his thalaron radiation weapon.  Picard beams to the Scimitar to stop Shinzon but is unable to do so.  The transporter stops working after he is beamed over.

     Data flies out a hull breach to the Scimitar.  He defeats Shinzon.  He gives Picard his one-person transporter device. Data destroys the ship and himself along with it.  The Enterprise crew is shocked that Data is gone forever.  Dontara sends medical personal to the Enterprise.  (Worf is shot by a Reman.  The shot lands near his heart and was in the final stages of cardiac arrest.  A Romulan doctor saves Worf's life, making him realize that Romulans aren't so bad after all.)

     The Enterprise is towed to space dock for repairs.  Picard has a final chat with Riker before he leaves the Enterprise.  He talks to B-4 about Data and B-F begins to sing a song Data had been singing earlier.  (In Data's quarters, Worf and LaForge are going through his belongings when Spot jumps into Worf's arms, finding a new owner.)

     (Captain Riker meets up with Commander Martin Madden and gives him some help to figure out Captain Picard before leaving the ship one last time.)