Interview With Laura


Laura used to work for Star Trek: The Experience.

    Star Trek Information Center: Hey Laura, How are you today?
     Laura: Hi, I'm doing pretty well today, thanks.

    STIC: That is great. So you used to work for the Star Trek Experience, what was it like?
    Laura: It was the best two years of my life. I miss it there so much.

    STIC: What did you used to do there?
    Laura: I worked in the Promenade. I was a "Bajoran Merchant". *LOL* It was fun to have my own character. We all had our own "stories".

    STIC: Sounds interesting. What did you do as a Bajoran Merchant?
    Laura: I sold the memorabilia. T-Shirts, mugs, name it, we had it.

    STIC: Did you work in one of the shops?
     Laura: I sure did. Every one. We rotated shops everyday so we had a better understanding of what each shop offered. We have 6 shops in all. My favorite was The Admirals Collection.

    STIC: What was sold there?
    Laura: All the high-end collectables. Stage props, autographed memorabilia, lithographs, and sculptures, 3-D Chessboards.... the best stuff on the market. Loved it in there because if a customer had a question you were allowed to stand there and talk to them.... hours on end if you wanted to.

    STIC: Sounds like a fun job. According to The Experience web site the place is 65,000 square feet, what does it seem like inside?
    Laura: It seems a lot smaller. It feels like you on a space station because it's so small and dark. Actually the structure is and actual set from Deep Space Nine to give it the authentic look. Also, part of the ride itself is one of the sets from The Next Generation. But now that I think of it, I can see why it's 65,000 square feet. Like the Enterprise, there are crawl spaces that you have to discover to know they are there.

    STIC: Does the Promenade look like the one from the TV series?
    Laura: It sure does, it's an actual set from the series.

    STIC: About how many people can fit into Quark's Bar?
    Laura: I'm estimating about 150 to 200 people. When they have the tables cleared away for a party.... 500 people can dance and party in there.

    STIC: Is it a big place?
    Laura: It doesn't seem like it, but you'd be surprised.

    STIC: Does "Quark" work behind the bar and are the waiters Ferengi?
    Laura: *LOL* No, human's work behind the bar and serve the food. There are some Ferengi walking around the Promenade and will talk to you while you are eating. Also there are Klingons who will insult you for free and the last time I went back they had beamed in a Romulan.

    STIC: Sounds kind of dangerous, how many people work for the Experience?
    Laura: Well, that's hard to say. There are so many departments to staff. I'm guessing about 500 or so.

    STIC: That is a lot of people to work for one attraction. Have the Klingons broken out into a fight with the Romulans?
    Laura: *LOL* No, there is a peace treaty. That's also why they won't attack the visiting "tourists".

    STIC: That sure puts people's minds at ease.
    Laura: They will chase the Ferengi though. Very loudly I might add. It's the highlight of the night when the fight. Dr. Vlarg is the Ferengi that gets in the most trouble. Watch out for him, he'll steal you wallet

    STIC: Must remember to stay away from him. One of the biggest parts of the Experience is the ride, what is the ride like?
    Laura: The ride is great! It's like any flight simulation ride that's so popular now-a-days. But the way they "prepare" you for it is unique. I won't go into how the prep you...that would give away too much for anyone that hasn't gone yet.

    STIC: Can you give a brief description on what happens when you first enter the ride?
    Laura: Sure. You are herded in to a space where you'll watch a pre-show introduction. Then the doors will open and you'll be asked to stand in lines. The pre-ride movie will start talking about safety, pregnant women, and the like...then...stuff happens that I can't divulge.

    STIC: How long is the ride?
    Laura: It's about a 25-minute experience.

    STIC: Now according to the site, there are 4 types of weddings, what are those like?
    Laura: The weddings are fabulous. The ceremony is held on the bridge of the Enterprise D with two "characters" as witnesses. The reception is held in Quarks bar with gorgeous flower displays

    STIC: What was your most memorable experience?
    Laura: *LOL* I've got a lot, but my favorite was when I got to meet Jonathan Frakes. He's the nicest guy! He was hired to be at a company part that bought out the experience for the night. I was stationed at Moogies Trading Post that night which is right out in the middle of everything. My best friend, who also worked there at the time, had the biggest crush on him; I just admired him. We weren't allowed to talk to the "stars" unless they talked to us first. I was talking to a member of the party and somehow I got in how my friend and I would LOVE to meet Jonathan Frakes. So, the guy went over to him and told him that we would love to meet him. Jonathan came over and, because he's so tall, leaned over the counter to shake our hands and talk to us for a bit. He has the bluest eyes! My friend said she would never wash that hand again! *LOL* A close second would be the time a lady came in and asked where all the Yoda stuff was. *LOL*

    STIC: What kinds of food and drinks are served at the restaurant and what is your favorite?
    Laura: Ooooo! My favorite alcoholic drink the Warp Core Breach! No contest! It's served in a fish bowl with dry ice in it to give it the steaming effect. It's got 7 types of Rum and SoBe in it. You can't taste the alcohol.

    STIC: What is your favorite food?
    Laura: My favorite food is Moogies Choice Pasta and the CheeseBorger. I can't choose between them. My favorite non-alcoholic drink would have to be Data's Day. It's an experience just reading the menu at Quarks

    STIC: What is your favorite part of The Experience?
    Laura: My favorite? The bar. Not just for the drinks. The atmosphere and it's the best place to meet a Ferengi, Klingon, or a Romulan.

    STIC: What is featured in the museum?
    Laura: Lot's of props, costumes, and a complete Star Trek timeline.

    STIC: Can you give a brief description on how the place is laid out?
    Laura: Well, when you approach it you have a choice. On your right is a ramp leading up to the ride and the History of The Future. On your left are some stairs leading down to the Promenade and Quarks Bar and Restaurant. If you head down the stairs, Quarks in on your right as well as the phones and the bathrooms. On your left would be Moogies Trading Post, the beginning of the retail shops. After Moogies, on your left, are Admirals, the Photo Morph, Zek's Grand Emporium, Latinum Jewelers, and finally Garak's Clothiers. Zek's, Latinum's, and Garak's are all one big store. Thanks!!

    STIC: Thank you for your time Laura. :)
     Laura: You're welcome. I hope to see you at The Experience someday!

    STIC: Well, I certainly will try to go there one day