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General Facts on

1.  Who maintains this site?

        This site is maintained by Richard Phillips

2.  What is STAR TREK UNIVERSE best viewed with?

        The All Trek is best viewed with Internet Explorer 8.0+ or Chrome with a screen resolution of 1024x800.  The site has been tested on the listed browsers.  The site will not work correctly with older browsers.

3.  Can I ask you a question about running a web site?

        I will answer basic questions if you need help with HTML.  Reading a book about web design will help a lot.

4.  How do I send feedback to STAR TREK UNIVERSE?

        Feedback can be submitted by using Email or Facebook.

5.  Can I add a link to your site?

        Sure, however, I will not add it if you violated our Terms of Service policies.  Links are sorted and placed into categories.

7.  Is STAR TREK UNIVERSE affiliated with Star Trek?

        No, this is not an official Star Trek site.   Visit the official site at StarTrek.com.

8.  Are the links on the links page maintained by All Trek?

        No.  Therefore, All Trek in not responsible for the content located on those sites or web pages.