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Season 2

Shockwave, Part II

     Archer must find a way to return to his own century and prevent the Suliban from destroying Enterprise.

Carbon Creek

     T'Pol tells the story of her great-grandmother and 2 other Vulcans crash-landing on Earth in 1957 to Archer and Tucker.


     After steering into a minefield and Enterprise takes damage, Archer and Reed must go outside the ship before another mine destroys the ship.

Dead Stop

     After locating a fully automated repair facility, Archer must save Mayweather from the facility before it kills him.

A Night in Sickbay

     After visiting a planet with Archer, Porthos becomes very ill.  Archer spends the night in Sickbay and discusses his feelings with Dr. Phlox and must go down to the planet and make things right.


     Archer and his crew help to protect a deuterium miner colony from Klingon raiders.

The Seventh

     T'Pol asks Archer and Mayweather for help on a mission to finish some business from her earlier career in covert operations.

The Communicator

     Archer and Reed must return to a planet on the brink of war to retrieve a communicator that was left on the planet.


     The crew becomes strangely affected while studying a black hole in a trinary star system.

Vanishing Point

     After her first transporter experience, Sato has strange feelings and wonders if she is losing her mind.

Precious Cargo

     Tucker boards an alien cargo ship to help with repairs and finds a woman in suspended animation, who turns out to be a prisoner.

The Catwalk

     After taking on passengers, a lethal neutronic storm approaches the ship, the crew must seek refuge in the maintenance shacks of the warp nacelles for several days.


     After being shot down by an alien enemy, Tucker must work with his foe before dying from extreme heat on the planet.


     While attending an Interspecies Medical Exchange conference, Dr. Phlox attempts to gather research on a disease that T'Pol has contracted but must be kept a secret from her people.

Cease Fire

     A military conflict erupts between the Vulcans and Andorians over a small terraformed planet that both sides make claim to.  Archer must settle the disagreement before war breaks out.

Future Tense

     The crew stumbles onto a ship from the future carrying a human corpse.  Both the Suliban and the Tholians say the salvage is theirs.


     Archer and Tucker are wrongly arrested.  Archer and Tucker must get off the ship before the alien engineer crashes the ship.

The Crossing

     Enterprise is engulfed by a vessel with noncorporeal creatures on it.  They switch consciousnesses with the Enterprise crew members.


     Archer is on trial conspiring against the Klingon Empire.  His only hope for escape is a Klingon lawyer who doesn't care.


     While Enterprise is conduction planetary research, Mayweather visits his mother and brother.  He learns his father has died.  He will get into a conflict with his brother that can lead to the death of everyone on board.

The Breach

     Enterprise is asked to rescue Denobulans from a planet before they are killed.  Phlox will have to treat an unwilling patient.


     While studying a star in the early stages of going supernova, Enterprise encounters a race called the Vissians. The two crews get along famously, until Trip Tucker gets a little too curious about a member of the species' third gender - a nameless individual called a 'cogenitor'.


     An arctic research team on Earth discovers debris from an alien vessel, nearly a century old, buried in a glacier along with the bodies of two cybernetically enhanced humanoids. Once those beings are thawed for investigation, they come to life and abduct the scientists and their transport vessel. Enterprise is called to intercept, but Captain Archer and his crew find these cyborgs to be an intractable, insidious enemy.

First Flight

     While Enterprise is investigating what appears to be a dark matter nebula, Archer receives news that A.G. Robinson, his old rival in the early days of the NX test program, has died. During a shuttlepod mission into the dark matter phenomenon, Archer reminisces to T'Pol about the time he and Robinson were pilots competing for the honor of being the first to break the Warp 2 barrier.


     A Tellarite bounty hunter captures Archer intending to turn him over to the Klingons for a substantial reward. Meanwhile, T'Pol is infected with an alien pathogen that unleashes her primal Vulcan urges.

The Expanse

     Earth is savagely attacked by a mysterious alien probe that leaves millions of people killed. When Archer learns that the culprit species is planning to destroy the entire planet with their next assault, Enterprise embarks on a new mission into the dangerous and highly mysterious Delphic Expanse to put a stop to it. Although T'Pol is given a direct order from the Vulcan High Command not to participate in this mission, she resigns her post in order to continue with Enterprise. Meanwhile, the Klingons, who are bent on destroying Archer, continue their hot pursuit of Enterprise all the way into the expanse.