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Season 6

A Time To Stand

Starfleet retreat to a nearby starbase while Kira, Odo, Quark and Jake have to come to terms with life on the station under Cardassian rule.

Rocks and Shoals

The crew of the Defiant go on a dangerous mission to destroy a major source of white, the substance needed to ensure the allegiance of the JemíHadar to the founders.

Sons and Daughters

Worf and his son Alexander must come to terms with one another when Alexander is assigned to the Rotarran and voices his intentions to become a warrior. Meanwhile, Kira finds herself in between friend and foe when Dukat's daughter Ziyal returns to the station and reconciles with her father.

Behind the Lines

Odo finds his priorities at odds with Kira's resistance efforts when one of the Founders comes to him and offers to guide him in learning about the Great Link.

Favor the Bold

On the eve of Dukat successfully disabling the minefield, Sisko coordinates a massive assault to retake Deep Space Nine.

The Sacrifice of Angels

Starfleet confront the Dominion/Cardassian fleet and are all but destroyed; at the last moment the Klingons arrive and just the Defiant manages to make it through. the mines over the entrance of the wormhole are disabled, and the domination fleet starts moving through. the Defiant goes into the wormhole to face them against seemingly impossible odds... the wormhole aliens drag Sisko off and he convinces them to destroy the dominion fleet, which they do.

The Defiant returns to DS9 and with the station defenses sabotaged by Rom, Kira, Odo, and Ziyal, the Dominion/Cardassian forces decide to retreat. Ziyal finds her father leaving and confesses she helped Kira and Rom, and Damar kills her. He collapses and is captured crying over her body by the Defiant's crew as they board the station.

You Are Cordially Invited...

The Wedding of Dax and Worf is threatened by the matriach of the house of Martok, to which Worf now belongs.


the mirror universe Bareil arrives on the station and rekindles Major Kira's love for him.

Statistical Probabilities

Bashir has a troubled meeting with a number of other genetically enhanced people, although these were discovered much earlier and have spent their lives in an institution.

The Magnificent Ferengi

When Quark's mother is kidnapped by the Dominion, Quark leads a ragtag bunch of Ferengi on a dangerous mission to exchange her for a captured Vorta.


Dukat is being transported to face trial for war crimes when the ship they're in is attacked by Dominion forces, leading to Dukat and Sisko being stranded together on a barren planet.

Who Mourns For Morn?

Quark is astounded to discover that Morn has left him all his possessions in his will, and tries to discover his real worth. Along the way he gradually meets up with various people with claims on Morn's estate, and makes some startling discoveries about Morn's past.

Far Beyond the Stars

Sisko finds himself in a strange dreamworld where he becomes a troubled writer in a 1930s pulp sci-fi magazine publisher. As he struggles against the racist pressures of the era, he writes his best ever story about a captain in charge of a space station far from Earth.

One Little Ship

When an experiment goes wrong, a shuttle craft is reduced in size just as the Defiant is captured by the Jem'Hadar. Soon the little ship is all that stands between the Defiant crew and a life in a Dominion prison.

Honor Among Thieves

O'Brien goes on an undercover mission to uncover who is behind a dangerous crime syndicate. He succeeds in meeting the power behind the syndicate - it turns out to be a Vorta working for the Dominion. However along the way he forms a bond with his main contact in the syndicate and defies Starfleet in the hopes of giving the man a chance to escape.

A Change of Heart

When Dax is critically injured during an important intelligence mission, Worf must choose between his love for his wife and his responsibility to carry out the operation without her.

Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night

After a cryptic message from the demented Gul Dukat, Kira uses the orb in a Bajoran temple to travel back and discover the truth about her mother. What she finds shocks her beyond belief, when she discovers that her mother became a prostitute for the Cardassian forces on Terok Nor (aka Deep Space Nine), rather than dying as Kira had always believed.


Dr. Bashir faces accusations and an inquisition from a strange division within Starfleet that specializes in covert activities. Claiming he is unknowingly a Dominion spy, they question him and all the people he works with in considerable depth.

In the Pale Moonlight

Devastated by the ever increasing death toll of the war with the Dominion, Sisko decides that desperate times call for desperate measures and involves Garak in a plot to convince the Romulans that the Dominion are already making plans to invade their space. He hopes to pursued them to change sides and help the Federation and the Klingons with their fight with the Dominion.

His Way

A savvy holodeck character, Vic, helps Odo admit his love for Kira and manages to get the two of them together.

The Reckoning

When an ancient tablet is found on Bajor, it talks about the Emissary and a battle between the good and evil factions of the Prophets. When he realizes that the station is the venue for the final showdown, he evacuates all the residents and prepares the battlefield. Kai Winn appears on the scene and seems somewhat perturbed that as spiritual leader of Bajor, she has not been made a part of the Prophets plans.

The Valiant

En route to deliver an important message to the Ferengi government, Jake and Nog encounter a sister ship of the Defiant called the Valiant which is almost entirely under the control of the elite red squad of Starfleet Academy. With most of the permanent crew gone, the cadets are trying their best to help fight the war and carry on the ship's mission. However their inexperience shows, and when Jake falls fowl of their strict rules, he soon discovers just how unprepared they really are for the battle ahead.

Profit and Lace

When Brunt ousts Grand Nagus Zek from control of the Ferengi empire, he and Moogie, Quarks mother, travel to Deep Space Nine to work on their plans to re-instate Grand Nagus Zek. When it turns out that Zek was ousted over the issue of whether females are allowed to wear clothes, Quark is unsure which side he's really on. However since Brunt is on the opposing side, Quark has little choice but to help. When Moogi suddenly falls ill, Quark has to pretend to be a female Ferengi to help convince an important member of the Ferengi council that Zek is right.

Time's Orphan

While on a family picnic, Molly finds an ancient relic and is accidentally pulled back in time to the uninhabited past of the planet. When O'Brien manages to rescue her, it is some dozen years later in her time and she is now 18 and completely wild. With Julian's help, Miles and Keiko try to help her talk again and reintegrate her into society. Things however start to go wrong when on the crowded station, Molly panics and starts attacking people. Soon she is in a prison cell and condemned to spend her life in a rehabilitation center. Desperate that this should not happen to her, Miles and Keiko decide to break her out and return her to the wild planet where she had made her life during the past dozen years of her timeline.

The Sound of Her Voice

While traveling back from a mission, the crew of the Defiant encounter a distress call from a Starfleet captain called Lisa who has been stranded on a planet after her ship crashed. Trying to survive on the inhospitable planet, she asks the crew to help her by keeping the comlink open and talking to her. As they journey to save her, each of them takes it in turns to talk with her and soon all of them consider her a close friend.

Tears of the Prophets

Determined to place the Dominion on the run, the Federation, Klingons and Romulans decide to work together on a concerted attack on Cardassia. Sisko is honored when he is given command of the mission, but has a difficult decision to take when the Prophets appear to him in a dream and tell him not to go. He eventually decides that his role as a Starfleet officer is his stronger calling and leads the mission anyway. After a few setbacks, the force makes real progress. Meanwhile Dukat has unleashed one of the Evil prophets from an ancient relic, and possessed travels to Deep Space Nine where the evil being uses the orb in the temple to destroy the wormhole. Unfortunately Dax gets in the way and is fatally injured, and while the Dominion is smelling defeat, Sisko takes a leave of absence and returns to his fathers restaurant with Jake to find some answers to the questions that plague him about Dax's death end the end of the wormhole.