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Season 5

Apocalypse Rising

After informing Starfleet of Odo's concerns about Gowron being a Changeling; Sisko, O'Brien and Odo disguise themselves as Klingons, and accompanied by Worf journey to a fortress deep in the heart of the Klingon Empire. Assisted by Gul Dukat who's captured Bird of Prey makes a useful transport, they seek to pose as valiant warriors due to be honored by Gowron. the question is can they remain undiscovered long enough to trigger the experimental device they believe will expose the Changeling?

The Ship

A team from DS9 are surveying a planet in the Gamma Quadrant with a view to establishing a mining operation to extract valuable raw materials, when they witness another ship crashing nearby. Initially planning to render assistance to any survivors, they discover that the ship is a Jem'Hadar warship and the crew are all dead, apparently killed by an equipment failure some hours before. Things turn ugly when a second Jem'Hadar ship arrives and destroys the runabout leaving the DS9 crew under siege in the derelict Jem'Hadar ship.

Looking for Par'mach in All the Wrong Places

Quark is surprised when his Klingon ex-wife, Grilka, returns to the station and with the assistance of Worf and Dax sets about wooing her. Worf is distinctly put out by the whole idea, and tries to approach Grilka for himself. Meantime, Miles O'Brien is becoming uncomfortable with his growing fondness for Kira Nerys, but all his plans to keep at a distance seem to be going wrong.

...Nor the Battle to the Strong

Jake Sisko has been commissioned to write an article on the work of Dr Julian Bashir, but when Jake interviews him Julian spouts a seemingly endless stream of medical mumbo jumbo. When they receive a distress call from a medical team on a planet under attack from the Klingons, Jake persuades Julian to help them. the team are under pressure and Jake finds himself in the middle of a war zone. He tries his best to help, but soon finds that the whole situation overwhelms him, in particular the case of a soldier who shot himself in order to be taken away from the front line.

The Assignment

Keiko O'Brien returns from a botanical trip to Bajor and once alone with Miles claims to be possessed by a demon who requires that O'Brien modify some of the stations systems for a secret purpose. After a couple of frightening demonstrations of the demons power, Miles is forced to co-operate. Soon however the modifications are noticed, and Odo and Dax start looking for a saboteur. Miles O'Brien is now in a race to complete the work before he is caught and to figure out exactly what he is being made to do.

Trials and Tribble-ations

Sisko travels back in time to a pivotal moment in history of the original Starship Enterprise.

Let He Who Is Without Sin

While vacationing on the planet Risa, Worf falls under the influence of a traditionalist group bent on destroying the pleasure paradise.

Things Past

Sisko, Odo, and Garak are mysteriously placed into the roles of a group of condemned Bajorans executed seven years ago.

The Ascent

Stranded on a desolate planet, longtime adversaries Odo and Quark must rely on each other to survive.


Sisko is plagued by life-threatening vision that may hold the key to Bajor's future.

The Darkness and the Light

A mysterious assassin targets the members of Kira's resistance cell for execution.

The Begotten

While Kira gives birth to the O'Brien's baby, Odo raises an infant Changeling.

For the Uniform

Sisko risks everything to capture a former crew member who deceived him and joined the Maquis. In Purgatory's Shadow

While Worf and Garak are imprisoned in the Gamma Quadrant, Sisko learns of a Dominion invasion.

By Inferno's Light

Led by Gul Dukat, Cardassia joins the Dominion and prepares to take over the Alpha Quadrant.

Doctor Bashir, I Presume

Dr Louis Zimmerman visits the station with the intention of using Dr Bashir as the blueprint for, and the voice of, a new long term medical holographic doctor. At first Julian is keen on the idea, but as Dr. Zimmerman becomes ever more inquisitive about his personal history, he becomes ever more secretive. When his parents arrive on the station, he reaches a state verging on total panic. What is the dark secret in his past he is so desperate to hide. When Bashir is chosen as the model for Starfleet's holographic doctor program, the process threatens to expose a dark secret from his past.

A Simple Investigation

Odo falls in love with a mysterious woman who has been targeted for murder.

Business As Usual

Quark's notorious cousin, Galen, arrives on the station with an invitation to Quark to make undreamed of wealth by joining him in the arms dealing business. Quark comes up with a neat scheme to demonstrate the various weapons on offer in the holo-suites thus avoiding all the difficulty of importing and exporting the real thing. Disgusted at what he's doing his customers stay away, but he's untroubled until the next customer is seeking weapons to kill millions of his planet's population at which time even Quark's greed meets it's limits. He's never-the-less left with the problem of how to backout of the situation without ending up on the arms dealer's assassination list.

Ties of Blood and Water

The Cardassian Legate who once believed that Kira was really his lost daughter is now an outcast from the new Cardassia and comes to the station. He has a fatal disease and asks Kira to be his heir, the recipient of all his knowledge of the key movers in the Cardassian state. Honored, and aware of the strategic importance to both Bajor and the Federation, she agrees. Gul Dukat arrives on the station in an attempt to lure the Legate back and save his knowledge falling into the Federation's hands. This fails, but Dukat tries to turn Kira against him by revealing that he was involved in the military operation in which Kira's own father was killed. Can Kira overcome her anger and grief, both out of compassion for the dying man and to push through the strategic advantage his knowledge represents.

Ferengi Love Songs

After a row of mishaps including a recurrence of the Cardassian vole infestation, Quark becomes depressed and eventually takes his brother's advice to visit their mother on Ferenginar. Once there he is astounded to discover the Grand Nagus is in his closet! It soon transpires that his mother is in love with the Grand Nagus; soon Quark receives a visit from his old adversary Brunt of the FCA, who offers Quark the reinstatement of his business license if he sours the relationship between his mother and the Nagus. Desperate to be reinstated, Quark agrees only to discover that he's unwittingly become Brunt's pawn in a much larger political game and that the whole of Ferengi society is living on a lie.

Soldiers of the Empire

General Martok is ordered to lead an expedition to find a Klingon ship lost near Cardassian space and he asks Worf to come along as his 1st officer. Concerned about the crew of the Klingon ship that arrives to collect them, Dax decides to join the mission as science officer. Soon it becomes apparent that the crew is totally disillusioned by their numerous prior defeats at the hands of the Jem'Hadar, and that Martok has become so terrified of them by his imprisonment that he's unwilling to engage them. Soon the tension reaches exploding point, and Worf has to decide between challenging Martok or facing a complete mutiny by the crew.

Children of Time

The Defiant is traveling home after a long mission when Dax detects an unusual inhabited planet. Braving a field around the planet to enter orbit, they are hailed by the inhabitants of the planet who seem to know all about them. Inviting them down to the surface, the leaders of people explain that they are the descendants of the crew of the Defiant which left the planet two days later and had a terrible accident in the field surrounding the planet and was thrown back 200 years into the past.

Blaze of Glory

Sisko attempts to force his traitorous former officer to stop a final Maquis attack that could lead to the destruction of the Federation.

Empok Nor

O'Brien, Garak, Nog and a salvage team are stranded on a supposedly abandoned Cardassian space station.

In the Cards

Morale has reached an all time low on the station and Jake sees an ancient baseball card in an auction which he is sure will cheer up his father. the problem is that he and Nog are outbid by a mysterious stranger, but undetered Jake negotiates with the stranger and agrees to his extreme terms. He and Nog then work hard to acquire each of the obscure items the stranger has insisted on as his price. Meanwhile the Dominion and their Cardassian allies make a politic play at being friends while trying to drive a rift between the Bajorans and the Federation.

A Call To Arms

When Captain Sisko attempts to curtail Dominion activity in the Alpha Quadrant by mining the entrance to the wormhole, the Dominion and their Cardassian allies threaten to capture DS9 by force.